NEW KANDYGIRL CJ - AJ's little sister!

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    Making her debut today is CJ... she's a blonde bombshell, a pocket rocket and a new star in the making! She's also AJ's little sister.... not in real life of course, that would be impossible.

  • CJ rocks the supergirl outfit. Great debut. Love CJ's confidence and trash talking. There is more action in this one film than 4 seasons of the big budget American TV series. Kandyman should be writing their scripts for them as well.

    Only (small) suggestion is to have CJ in the red thigh high boots with the Supergirl outfit next time.


  • She somehow finds a box which gives her a boost. She might have been able to take this guys down without superpowers but we will never know...

    too bad because the kandygirls are usually defeating the guys thanks to their martial skills but here it is because she holds a box and says a magical word...

  • What "enhancements" are we talking about? I haven't bought the video yet

  • she is so amazing. Gorgeous, flexible and her kicks are just devastating. really the potential to become a top kandygirl.

    Too bad there was some enhancement in this one. The kandygirls have the skills to beat up the guys when they have to. They can take them out with their punches and kicks. No need for

    these enhancements imo...

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