Jade the best

  • Hi, I wanted to know please which is the name of the model actress who plays Jade?...and When will the next movie with her lead in shiny black catsuit as a stricly kick ass?

    Thank you.

  • @maxis99us

    Good luck with that!!!

    I admire your enthusiasm though. First class.

  • @kandyman I found her!!! Send a friend´s request on Facebook and hope for she accept my request.

  • @kandyman i understand, thanks. Go to see game of thrones :)

  • administrators

    Whilst I don't tend to give away the girls real names, if you watch Ep 1 of this Season of Game of Thrones you'll see her in it!

  • @maxis99us


    I’ll leave the response to you!!!


    You are correct, Jade is amazing (glad you like my customs on that basis 😉)!!

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