Sienna is amazing

  • Sienna is amazing in this video my favorite right now. Her or Dakota would have been at the top of my list.

  • Respect.......the Gods certainly shined on Sienna but does she like bamboo?

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    We are all totally excited to be planning your Sienna custom!! Not only is she an incredible fighter and actress and stunner but she's a fabulous person too! @Panda

  • I can only echo those sentiments. Sienna is the 'break out' Kandy Girl for me. Just quietly, I am working with the Kandyman on a custom with Sienna. I'm not at liberty to say more but I'm excited on what the outcome might me.

  • I feel moved to echo these sentiments. I've been praying to see Sienna in the red boots again since 10th August 2018. That rather spectacular walk down the corridor in Run Kickass Run was simply to die for darling, quite possibly the hottest thing ever witnessed in the history of KandyGirl struts, and therefore the hottest thing ever in the world of course. Messages received by my brain from trusted sources inform me that Dakota is equally stunning and she joins her co-car-themed KG in my current top 2 too. Definitely two of the most gorgeous girls among a plethora of right lookers, with style, skills and attitude to match.

    Is Atlanta a make of car . . . ? Vroom vroom!

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    Bloody cars eh! @camran9

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