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    Dakota is something else! She will leave you speechless in this one!

  • She is definitely the hottest girl on the site, I think. I will for sure be buying this in the coming days.

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  • As I am now celebrating my 50th plus 2 week birthday - any chance of another Dakota on Friday?

  • I must admit from someone who was not won over initially I do accept she has a very sexy way about her in this film certainly.

    More please...…...

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    It's ok, Kix totally understands 😄@H-Kix-Forever

  • She is amazing I bought the video & it worth every penny because of her <3

    What is her real name ?

  • I feel like I'm being unfaithful commenting on another KandyGirl now me and Kix have got a lurve thing going on. So it's fortunate perhaps that words fail me! Suffice to say that Dakota has everything, absolutely everything going for her..Love the references to her other job.

  • It may be difficult to surpass, however it is more than possible. I have first hand knowledge. ☺

  • Just...……………………….wow.

    Don't know how you could possibly surpass that one K'man. Thanks for a Dakota birthday.

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