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    If you click on the GIRLS icon on the nav bar you'll see we have transformed this section. It means you can click on which ever girl you like and you'll see every film they've ever appeared in.

    So if you love Aish or Dakota or Kix or Vixen or Eden...... you can see [and buy] every film they've ever been in!

  • @kandyman. I'm going with Justice Kandy.

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    Ah, don't worry! it is electronic... i just mean i'd hand write the top ten list but would have to take it from a given date when the data begins..... what are your guesses for the best sellers? @Panda

  • It would be interesting but I don’t want to impose unnecessary additional time that would drag the K’man away from making avant garde Kandy films. I thought the purchases may have been recorded electronically (not that I’d actually know) and it would be too much trouble. I failed to appreciate it would have to be hand counted

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    I could do that... by hand. It would be interesting to see what you guys think are the top selling films of all time! Mind you, the data only starts with the latest version of this site so we'd have no idea how well the old classics sold. @Panda

  • Great idea Kandyman. It would also be interesting to get a list of all time best selling Kick Ass Kandy films

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  • I'll think you'll find the first 6 Jade movies are the best in that particular category...…..😉

    Great engine of search!!

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    Awesome feature Kandyman. 😄

    But I do believe Skylar is missing from the list. 😉

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