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    We started this on a different thread but this deserves it's own one. I was asked to list the best selling films of all time so I went through the data and here's what I came up with. We need to divide the list into 2 as records only began when we built this particular version of the site. Before that, all records were lost!


    In reverse order:








    3: 300 - RISE OF KICKASS [DIVA]



    So, Vixen is the best selling artist of all time with Diamonds are for Kickass. Diva holds 2 spots in the top 5 and of course there couldn't be a Top 5 without AJ and Kix. The top 10 is dominated by Kix with 4 entries and Vixen with 3 (including ensemble Sex, Lies..].

    All of AJ's films would are best sellers but records began after we'd already released her movies on the original sites. If we'd launched them on this site then the Top 10 would look very different and she'd dominate with Vixen and Kix. All of her films are huge sellers, especially One Flew Over the Kickass Nest, Citizen Kickass and Rebel Without a Kickass.

    The other films that predate this site that are still selling astonishingly well include: Saving Private Kickass (Vixen), The Kickass Identity (Mata), The Lion, Witch and Kickass (Kix and Bambi) and The Wizard of Kickass (XXX).

    I'll do a 20 - 11 countdown next.

  • @kandyman

    You mean the time with 15 man squads & creative players passing on grassy Ryvita?!!

    That was football (not today’s sad facsimile).

    Anyway, we’ll win the title this year.

  • I purchased Kickass Unchanged. Plenty of peril. I highly recommend the video. Kix is amazing@Ghost999

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    Premier League titles is that? Or the ones won when it was easy? 😝@Dizzy-Goon

  • @kandyman

    I need to tot them up to be 100% sure but I think I have as many customs now as Jack Nicklaus has Majors & Liverpool have League titles!! 😀

    (ps. 18 is the answer)

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    Now if there was an award for commissioners.....🙌@Dizzy-Goon

  • Now that is exciting stuff. My philosophy is to enjoy the comments and don't take anything personally, although that can be a challenge. The Kandyman is pretty awesome to collaborate with. @Dizzy-Goon

  • Nice to see that my 1st ever custom film is on the podium!!!

  • Hi, Yes you make a good point. I think that the main issue is for the Kandygirl falling backwards as she gets hit. Maybe someone can confirm this. I had thought about a costume with thigh high boots with no heels, but they do make for a better look. For whatever reason, heels are more erotic and they do wonders for one's legs, more specifically the calves. Nevertheless, Eden was quite spectacular as the aggressor. In addition she did a great job in selling peril; she had to absorb a multiple of blows and other moves. @JadeOwl

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    @opponent12 said:

    I think the lack of peril has less to do with hatred of the fight being back and forth, and more to do with the girls selling moves not so well, and that a lot of the time they are in heels, which would make them fall over or risk injury if they try to make it look good.

    In my experience commissioning F/F videos, removing the heels from the equation really helps the Kandygirls sell being on the receiving end.

    Using a boxing ring also helps because the girls have something to fall against (the ropes).

    Just my two cents. 😉

  • You are the real MVP @Joe

  • @pulphead

    There's still another full peril custom that I commissioned in the pipeline...

  • I'm really surprised that JJ is not on the list!😨She is my favourite along with Diva. JJ is the most evil villainess and of course the hottest. 😍

  • I think the lack of peril has less to do with hatred of the fight being back and forth, and more to do with the girls selling moves not so well, and that a lot of the time they are in heels, which would make them fall over or risk injury if they try to make it look good.

  • Can't wait for the peril films !! Please include small peril stuff if they fit in future films, a quick KO for the heroine and shown unconsious is enough trigger for me to buy. @kandyman

  • Thanks K’man, I’m not surprised by the spread of the starring women but I think I would have only guessed 3 of the top ten films. I can’t believe that everyone else doesn’t see the Kandyworld through my Kix-tinted glasses 😊

  • @Ghost999, btw, which one of the top 10 has the peril in it. I am not a big buyer of KAK films but before my customs, my favourite was Nuclear Kickass.

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    Kandy Crisis wasn't included in the table, it's purely KAK. It'll be interesting to see the reaction to a couple of Peril type films we've shot this Season! @Ghost999

  • @ Ghost999. Eventually my custom will be released and this will be a test to your hypothesis. I am ‘girl power’ enthusiast, but I also believe that nothing should come easy

  • This is very important. For the KAK fans... of the top 10 videos sold, only one has peril in them. Being a fan of peril in KAK videos, it just shows that as a business for kandyman, peril does not increase sales. Kandy crisis did not even break into top 10. So to all the users asking for peril, the stats are not in your favor. Custom is the only wa

  • We need another runback at Dukes of Kick-Ass or Saving Private Kickass, because Vixen with those beige boots are deadly 🥺. @kandyman

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