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  • Having been a huge fan of Kandy for years. Just wonder which beauty loves neck break skills to finish bad guys most? Maybe AJ I guess. Lol, great jobs and keep working. Hope to see more deadly girls using neck snap skills to finish the bad guys

  • @Jacques thanks, sounds great! Yep, I'll be getting it at some point soon. Cheers 👍

  • After a very even fight, the last part of the video is a good old fashioned beatdown, KAK style. No neck breaks as I needed to keep the characters alive for the sequel. The sequel of a sequel will feature neck breaks but the filming won't be for quite a while. I have planned for a trilogy. I recommend that you purchase the video, it is amazing.@Jadefan

  • @wssqwz012 thanks very much! I'll let you know if any others i get too! Any idea Eden disposes of her opponent in the latest release (airforce kickass)?


  • @Jadefan ,one more to go, Invasion of the kickass, 1 leg neckbreak at last.

  • Thanks for replying, Boss @kandyman

    Hope to see some little extra details such as checking the enemies pulse or body after killing them, to make sure they are really dead.

    And maybe some topics such as one girl teach another girl how to kill bad guys by showing her, like neckbreak or even break the balls (maybe to brutal,lol). And then another girl chose a guy to pratice, maybe fail at first, but made it at last under first girl's instructions.


  • Hi @Jadefan

    Great we have the same taste, lol. Checked your post, nice found!

    Arrested kickass - 2 girls each break one badass's neck in the end

    Big little kickass - 1 neckbreak finish with legs and another classic with hands

    2 more I have found these days, and I will keep looking and keep you updated. cheers

  • @wssqwz012 i started a topic on my fave necksnap films (not a lot joined in!). I only have 1 AJ film and she doesn't do any neck snapping unfortunately! Can you recommend any favourites?


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    Some are more brutal than others, Vixen and Dakota love disposing of their men so they don't come back to bother them. @wssqwz012

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