Stockings, Nylons, Legs!

  • Could it be that many of you are boot fetishists?
    Kandyman does a lot for you guys, doesn't he?
    But what about us legs & nylon lovers? I am not the only one here, am I?
    So please Mr.Kandyman, would you kindly take us into consideration once again and produce a clip like "Kickassinfinity" - starring the oh so sexy Panther? Her outfit knocks me out every time I watch this - my all time favourite - clip.
    There were so many boots lately - it starts to get tedious ;-)

  • I’m with you. To me, nothing sexier than a beautiful girl in sheer pantyhose or nylons, and when they are kicking butt, well, it’s a dream come true@Fixi

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    It's like Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza all arrived at once for him 😜 More boots soon too..... @bootlover64

  • There Fixi one whole month in a row of feet, time for the boots soon right @kandyman 😌

  • Heels and barefoot are my cup of tea, but I'm not too picky.

    I just LOVE a woman in heels! I think it's super sexy.

    Barefoot is always great. The last release with JJ and Jade together was a great video, but my absolute favorite part was the brief 10 second part where JJ takes off her boots and goes barefoot and kicks the taste out of a goon's mouth. I rewound and slowed down that part countless times with my jaw on the floor drooling!

  • Heels (boots or shoes) all the way!!!

    Higher the better.

  • @JadeOwl
    No, you're not!! I like barefoot even better than high heels!!
    The best version to me would be: Kandygilrls beating the males barefoot and in nylons - with lots of face kicks!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ’“

  • you are not alone!!! @JadeOwl

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    I am starting to think I'm the only one around here who prefers when they are barefoot or wear flats. πŸ˜…

  • @bootlover64
    Hmm, I am not a fan, but still way better than boots!

  • How about fishnets πŸ˜‹ @Fixi

  • Fixi

    Glad you like my films.....πŸ˜‰


  • Oh come on...! Seriously?
    No nylons & high Heels lovers here?

    Oh, bootlover64 might be...

  • Too many boots!? Does not compute! Does not compute! Seriously though, two is generally sufficient. One for each lovely leg πŸ˜‰

  • Too many boots, are barely enough. The taller, the better too!

  • I mean that is my name, but you are right tho :)

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