FRIDAY'S RELEASE.... iiiiiiiittts DAKOTA!!

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    STARRING IN 'KICKASS IN CHAINS' DAKOTA will knock your socks off! To her dismay she's been chained up in her underpants for a good old interogation... but she loves the pain and gets out pretty damn quick to turn the tables and kick her captors ass. If you don't believe me, check this trailer out!

  • For any doubters

    (a) Who would not have released her with that promise?

    (b) Who wouldn't want to be the guy after 6 Minutes?

    (c) Who wouldn't be mesmerised at 9.45 or 10.15?

    (d) Who wouldn't sacrifice their jewels at 10.48?

    (e) After 14.12 who would argue about the true KAK goddess?

    Just shame its not garibaldi red,

  • Score 9.5. (-0.1 for barefoot, -0.1 for 1v1, -0.1 because I have to wait months for the next one, -0.1 because she isn't wearing a Forest bikini and -0,1 because its not me!!!).

    No-one can beat Dakota at this standard.

  • The Goddess is back

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    All i can say is that she was fully clothed before she was kidnapped. Honestly, some kidnappers have no respect.

  • @kandyman nice!

  • They say that simple is best.😂@JadeOwl

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    @kandyman I do believe that this qualifies as the skimpiest outfit ever worn by a Kandygirl, right?

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