• Great film @kandyman! Sienna and the thigh high red boots is the best combination and I can't wait for her next solo film (no discredit to the Kix Lovers). Sienna is def one of my favorite new kandygirls including (Arya and Eden)!

  • O Siennaaaa! No offence taken by this Kix lover to be sure. Kix is queen, Sienna a princess. In my humble opinion, her corridor strutting in the red THBs and Aish's silver skirt in Run Kickass Run is one of the sexiest things ever in the world ever. Yes please to lots more of her. And I fancy Arya would look fine in those red boots.

  • See Naples & die...……..Sienna & die more like!!

    She's hot, hot...….hot (hmm....would perhaps explain the skimpy outfit?).

    I have her squarely in my custom sights...…….

  • @kandyman Oh Kix! What a wonderful lady she is. For those of you that don’t know her full time job is a fashion model. A model that if you stepped in a MMA ring for real with her you’d be picking up your front teeth with a broken arm after 30 seconds. The most perfect of Kandygirls in my opinion

  • Damn it, I can't even wait to download this film before posting a comment. Kix and Sienna, my two favourite Kandy girls in one film....Is this the 'parting of the waters' or Kandy Khristmas come early. My only quibble is that Kix is not wearing thigh boots as well.

    I must download this NOW!

  • Dreams do come true!

  • I love those red thigh highs!

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    COMING TOMORROW..... lots of boots 😍

  • Yay boots! Viva las botas!

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