Preview of this week?

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  • Would not go for this one. i am a fan of the Eden we have seen in her first movies. Beating up multiple guys without messing her hair.

  • Hi, no doubt that Eden is an absolute stunner, there is something extra special besides her gorgeous looks. Give the credit to Mr. K. My idea but he did the 'heavy lifting' and voila.@Dfingo

  • @Jacques Superb custom Jacques! Well done. Eden is a National treasure

  • @bionicskillzart I agree the film quality does look alot better. Really professional looking. I know theres always some new cutting technology that seems to change every year and its tough to keep up Kandyman. But wow this quality of the film looked fantastic.

  • The ending of the video is an obvious setup for another sequel.If I knew years ago that MR. K was amenable to making hybrid 'girl power' videos, I would have commissioned plenty of films like these. Anyway better late than never.@Joe

  • I'm a peril fan and this was superb. Hart-hitting and fast paced, Eden takes a serious battering for a good portion of the film before turning the tables. I loved every minute. The lengthy combos and physical exchanges were awesome. I just wished more people commissioned these sorts of customs!

  • On a side note - has the film quality changed for KAK? I see a more pro looking fidelity in this preview, a la Next Global Crisis.... just wondering. I'm looking into finding super slow mo artificial intelligence equipped software so when playing back a booted ass kicking I can see those sexy heels smooth blurry free movement as a bionic kick-ass I love so much. Will one day hopefully before I croak, get my 6 Million Dollar Kickass movie funded.

  • I support British fighting beauties!!!!

  • This site is amazing. If you like beautiful British fighters please support

  • PS If you pick Dakota for this type of film I'm leaving - and I've been along from the ride since the start

  • Just to clarify - I love Eden - please stop picking her to be the one to get beaten up

  • Why is Eden so weak compared to other fighters who easily defeat whole gangs?

  • Love Eden but that's two 1v1 and beating both ways. Where's Dakota - unbelievable for her to get bezten

  • Eden - "a place or state of great happiness, an unspoilt paradise, or a dream about a girl in thigh-high boots".

  • We all make mistakes, but this was a serious one,😂@kandyman

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    You shouldn't have gone to work at all! @pulphead

  • I am considering leaving work early today because of this 😍

  • I love Eden beating up many many males without losing a sweat. Do not like these many back and forth action with one strong opponent

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    IT'S EDEN TIME!! Can this girl get any hotter?

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  • This teaser looks very familiar😉. I have seen this video numerous times. Plenty of back and forth action. Eden takes quite a pounding. The outcome is never in doubt as I am strictly a 'girl power' fanatic. Success often requires hard work.@bootlover64

  • I LOVE YOU ! @kandyman

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  • Antici.. pation! 😊

  • @kandyman

    🤔....Dick Whittington?

    Now then, wouldn’t it be a laugh to do a custom film taking the best stereotypes & sayings in panto & turning them into Kickass heaven!!

    The old brain box is whirring....😀

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