Kick Ass She Wrote

  • I admit I was a little intrigued as to how this film would turn out, with the reported muscle strain to the lead star and the use of flash backs.
    I need not have worried.

    2011 is of to a storming start and if the films get any better, then surely next stop is a full cinematic feature release. The action moves along at a whirlwind pace and Vixen, despite operating at an estimated 75% is still utterly devestating.

    Kicks, punches, headbutts, chestbutts, groin attacks, backhanders this film has the lot. And Vixen in that little black dress and those scarlett red shoes, holds the viewers attention with consumate ease. It’s been obvious in previous films just how photogenic Vixen is, but here she really comes into her own and the camera loves her for it all the more.

    The script is another cracker and there are some wonderful, genuinely comedic moments. Especially in the sequence where Vixen confronts the guy stupid enough to steal from her flat. All of the actor/stuntmen throughout the films interact with the girls in a convincing way.
    But the guy with the beard in this film has a very real talent for acting as well as fighting. And this is illustrated beautifully in the Roger Moore styled, James Bond’esque fight between his character and Vixen. We are treated to some hilarious close quarter action as our heroine beats him once more into submission.

    We also see the return of the drug selling schoolboy who gives us a fantastic turn as Vixens punch and kick bag. Showing us that some lessons just can’t be taught at school.

    The finale see’s the wonderful Vixen batter three bad guys with a series of ever more devestating moves, using their own ineptitude against them, she is simply to good and far to hot for these bad guys to even get close.

    All in all, another great film. 9/10

  • This film is fantastic, Vixen has very beautiful legs, with this shoes her legs look sexier also the dress is wonderful. I really like when she has the drug seller on the floor with one foot over his chest telling him what to say. One of the KAK favorites. Congratulations to everybody in KAK you did a great work.

  • Maybe the best clip ever made by kak.

    Vixen is fantastic. She's very sexy in miniskirt and high heels, and her attitude is simply perfect.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see many groin attacks : a knee to the balls and a cruel stomp. A foretaste of bak ? :D

    The little game with the chair is really great ! congratulation to vixen and to her opponent.

    Thank you kandyman and thanks to your team.

  • administrators

    I'm not sleeping until its done!

  • We have to wait hoooooow long for more of this bad girl stuff?? Loved the new movie, Vixen looked stunning, action was awesome and really liked her going back to the pc to to write up her ass kicking - sheer genius! Kandyman, can you not devote more of your free time to bring this to us sooner ;)

    I jest of course! Keep up the great work.

  • Vixen is a great looking woman, that can't be taken away, plus a great actress, she really conveys a sense of fun as she is inflicting her moves on those guys. Next to HI Kix, undoubtedly the best KAK has.

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