XMAS RELEASE...friday Dec 20th

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    So.... who did we choose for this years Xmas release?

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    A yes, Bombshell knew how to rock a catsuit, that's for sure! @toddy

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    It's not a conscious omission! our philosophy still supports the catsuit, there is no doubt of that! we have many catsuit films to come, i guess we just love mixing it up a little more these days!@opponent12

  • My favourite of all time were the metallic sheen outfits of Bombshell - still fondly remember the purple and blue outfits of many years ago. Particularly as she favoured boots with them!

  • @Jacques Yeah Eden is pretty great, she sells moves surprisingly well also.

  • LOL. One of many reasons why I chose Eden for my customs. @opponent12

  • @Jacques

    If I had to pick a favorite type of outfit it would be secretary-esque type outfits, but I'm not really picky. Not all the girls have Eden or Aish ab status, lol.

  • Exposed abs have replaced catsuits for today's costumes of choice. sorry about that cat suit lovers, 😄@opponent12

  • CABAW!! That's what I say! :)

  • @Panda

    This is just my opinion, but girls that are really slender generally make catsuits look unappealing and somewhat bland (notice the belt/sash that they all wore with them besides Vixen and Diva). I think they stopped using them because sales most likely increased with more modern outfits, although this is purely speculation. It would be sorta cool to see most of the new girls give them a shot though (for science and research purposes only, I swear!).

  • Wonder Diva ...... with a bad attitude! What more could one want for Christmas? ‘Tis the season for a severe beat down!

    A Merry Christmas to all the Kandy Gang and Contributors. May the new decade usher in new and exciting Kick Ass Kandy.

    I do have one burning Q? Will we see the return of the Kandy Katsuit? It’s absence it recent times has been quite noticeable.


  • My favorite(tied with Jade maybe)! I feel way too much like a kid the night before Christmas.

  • Oh my!

  • @kandyman


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