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    It's been another amazing year in Kandyland and we love you all! The seeds of a discussion have been started so we'd like to know, if you could choose one, WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE KANDYGIRL OUTFIT / LOOK?

    Is it the Catsuit? The secretary outfit? the disco pants? hot pants?

    what's your favourite accessory? boots? heels? barefoot?

    Let's kickstart the new decade and make this site even better!!

    BIG RESPECT TO YOU ALL! you are the greatest and most loyal fans, friends and kickass family we could ever wish for.


  • Favourite Kandy Outfits

    1. Wonder Woman with the traditional red and white striped boots. I know Vixen is blonde but she 'owned this outfit'
    2. Tae Kwon Do Top / black belt with thigh high black boots and opera gloves. My first Kandy Kustom and still my all time favourite movie with the Queen of Kandy, Kix rocking the black and white look.
    3. Too much black leather is barely enough. What more needs to be said!

    In reality Kandy girls would rock a potato sack but the outfits sure do help!

    Bring on 2020

  • No 1 Favourite: Wonder Woman with the Traditional Red & White Striped Boots. For a blonde, Vixen owned this outfit!

    No2 Favourite: Kung Fu Kix: My first Kustom Kandy and still my favourite. The stunning Kix blending the mandatory thigh boots and opera gloves with mastery of her martial arts

    No 3. Favourite: Black Leather Corset Gloves & Thigh High Boots. Too much black leather is barely enough!

  • Late to the party as ever, but I tend to favour...

    1. Catsuit, boots and long leather gloves

    2. Crop-top, leggings and boots

    3. Crop-top, short skirt and boots

    Boots: thigh-high (well above the knee), close fitting, black leather with stiletto heels and pointed toes; or over-knee, close fitting or a bit saggy, otherwise knee-high, close fitting. Black, then red, not to forget silver.

    Always nice to see: leather jacket, leather shorts, studded belts, fishnet stockings, shiny black tights...

    Not so keen (but everything's relative!) on bare feet, superhero outfits, beige.

    Happy new year to everyone in KandyWorld! Onwards and upwards!

  • First of all happy new year to everybody involved in making possible this wonderful site: Kandyman, Kandygirls, all the production staff and all the fans. Second: thank you very much for asking and taking care of our preferences. About what i like: love secretary or sexy dress look, love feet so any open shoes or barefoot is perfect. Also welcome pantyhoses without shoes.

    Thank yo

  • I love the catsuits, but seeing Seina in those fishnet stocking, leotard, and red boots was incredible.

    1. Catsuits

    2. Fishnets

    3. And did you say boots (umm yes please)

  • Just wondering if we'll get any teasers for what we might be seeing as we enter the roaring 20s in a little over a day?

  • I have to totally agree with @JadeOwl. The only thing that I would strongly suggest is to have more clips with hight heels like Invasion of Kickass. This also was my favourtie clip of this year, and I think this was all foot fetishists like me their favourite.

    I hope in the next year, you could include more trample/victory pose scenes in your clips (sadly the last year, those scenes was decreased), because in my opinion this is the ultimate way for a girl to humiliate her defeated male opponent.

    Anyway, thank you all for your amazing work,

    Have a nice 2020!

    @JadeOwl said:

    Favourite Kandygirl Outfit / Look?
    Well, above all, I’m partial to the crop tops that show off the Kandygirls’ abs. Like so

    Particularly in conjunction with hot pants…

    Honourable mention to these pants:

  • I prefer the Candygirl in black pantyhose / stockings - and the secretary outfit is by far my favorite (with the big glasses - they look so sexy on the girls!).
    Dislikes: Any silly supergirl dresses!
    Thanks for your extraordinary work - and my best wishes for a happy 2020.

  • @kandyman My preference for Kandygirls is definitely the black catsuit. It is kind of the Kandygirl uniform in my mind. With knee high stiletto boots a must too.

    Although I do like the tight leggings and crop top look showing off their amazing abs. Yes that’s a close 2nd.

    And personally I prefer the Kandygirl to have some kind of footwear on preferably stiletto of some sort rather than barefoot.

    Or anything that Vixen throws on. That always tends to be a winner.

    Happy New Year Guys

  • Catsuit! Boots! but hopefully in the new year we get shiny catsuits and boots!!!

  • 1


    3 (Probably the hottest outfit on the best girl honestly)

    Simple but hot and clean

    I like her top and overall the outfit is pretty good in contrast. (The hair and boots matched with the dark outfit)

    Classic and hot :D

  • My favorite is easily a black catsuit so I'm happy to hear that we'll be getting more catsuit videos in the future. I also love hot pants and disco pants as well. Whatever the top though, black high heeled boots are a must for me. Whether they're thigh high or knee high doesn't matter too much to me, it's just way sexy to see kandygirls kicking ass in high heel boots.

  • K’man I think you know my taste by now but just in case.

    In reverse order.....

    No. 4 - catsuit/boots

    No.3 - Hotpants/boots/stocking-tights/low cut top.

    No.2 - Sloane seccy outfit.....

    No.1 - Liverpool FC kit!!!!

  • Catsuit for me - any colour but black - with boots and a lot of seductive attitude.

  • Add my name to the list of abdomen enthusiasts @pulphead

  • I agree with your taste 100% @JadeOwl

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    Favourite Kandygirl Outfit / Look?

    Well, above all, I’m partial to the crop tops that show off the Kandygirls’ abs. Like so

    Particularly in conjunction with hot pants…

    Honourable mention to these pants:

  • Hmm, I would love to see more full on dresses like in The Devil Wears Kickass, Who Dares Kickass, or A Kickass Is Born. One skirt I dislike is the silver one from Invasion of the Kickass, and The Kandy Who fell to Earth. Also jean shorts like in Kickass Defender are great, but I think the ones used by Erica in Ghost Town and Eden in Kickass News got the material cut off too high. Also I'm not quite sure how it happened, but if we can figure out how to film clips in 50-60 fps like in Underground Kickass it would be nice.

    Overall I think the variety in all outfits and footwear has been pretty balanced, so no complaints from me. Merry Christmas all!

  • Cropped top with hotpants(aka short shorts) and thigh high stiletto boots, as per 'Airforce Kickass'

    Cropped top with disco pants and thigh high stiletto boots as per 'Kickass Succession'

    No surprise here,😄

  • Catsuit and hot pants 😍

  • Catsuit with boots!

  • 1. barefoot 2.boots 3. heels

    1. crop top hotpants disco pants 2. catsuit 3. secretary

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