FRIDAY RELEASE! Karly stars in How to Steal a Kickass

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    How's coming to Kandyland this Friday then?

  • The sexiest blonde I ever saw. Fighting is boring, all the same combos... but she is gorgeous! I love her face while punching and kicking. I hope to see her beating up many guys without mercy in an angry bloody fight.

  • Thanks for sparing my blushes Kandyman :) Karly kicks real nice! Loving her uber-sexy little side-on combat stances (great choice of camera angles!). Love the darkness, the purple, the boots, the attitude, the total demolition. She's definitely got it!

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    Those of you who deduced it was Karly, well done! she is definitely in the Vixen mould though!

  • Not many blondes around at the moment.

  • The catsuit is back, and all is right with the World. I hope with thigh high boots?

  • Be nice to see her again if you're right DG and don't worry, the title is ours la :)

  • That's KARLY...…..I'd stake my pending Premier League title on it!

  • Metallic catsuit! Only mentioned it before Christmas and prayers answered. That's customer care!

  • She looks pretty foxy to me . . .

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