Sexy Killer

  • Not really any type of skilled fighting in this but it has its moments, and if you've not seen this before then its certainly worth a look.



    The film came out in 2008 and classed as a Zombie comedy movie, if you can have one of those, the dialogue is completely in Spanish, so of course unless you can speak Spanish then like me you wont have a clue what the hell they are saying

    The plot basically follows a young psychotic women who falls in love and along the way she violently murders anyone who annoys her, upsets her, insults her, runs her dog over by mistake
    Ive no idea how the zombies manage to come into all this but they do and just highlights the great bizarreness of the film in general.

    All the relevant scenes are together in the one edit, and watch out for the nice moment she kills a guy…....... using her stiletto heel

    Sexy Killer - 137mb


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  • No worries mate, and more on the way

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