Valentine's Day

  • Any plans for this Valentine's Day Kandyman? Maybe some hot thigh high boots? 😍

  • This one is fantastic! I think she might become my new favorite!!! Obviously I love Diva, Kix, and JJ (can you tell I have a thing for brunettes?!) But Arya is just next level sexy and overpowering! Her bust in this outfit left my jaw on the floor. It's just not fair how distracting it is lol. After watching I fully believe she can kick any guys ass! I'd even volunteer myself lol

  • Ah indeed, or Alvin Stardust perhaps? Arya is fantastic in this one, much complimented by the fine filming and choreography. I'm a bit of a one for a sheer total beatdown and she delivers it perfectly; arrogant, sassy, brutal and gorgeous. I would suggest that this is a classic in the KandyKatologue and Arya's right up there with the top top KandyGirls. I'm all shook up

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    I believe the honourable DG is referencing Arya's leg pose as reminscent of the great shakey @H-Kix-Forever

  • Wonderful sexy stunning Arya! I haven't even watched it yet and I'm beside meself with excitement so I am. What's the Shaky reference? I see no green door in the stills.

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    Dizzy is closest...

  • Still pretty confident it’s Shakin’ Stevens....

  • I hope it's Diva! Was watching some of her older vids and must say I miss her. Hopefully those calves will be wrapped in smooth shiny leather?

  • Boooots, mmmm…. Considering we have only calves and a pair of well turned ankles to go on, I can perhaps be forgiven for getting this one wrong, but I have a Diva feeling

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    Well..... we have a date but it's a date Kandygirl style..... and there are boots ;)

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