Kick Ass Prime - Erica at her very best.

  • Fuckin' Awesome K'man. Is there something in the Kandy Koolaid of late? It's like all the girls have been getting extra martial arts training. Erica has absolutely out done herself, by far her best film. Those spinning kicks are worthy of any Hong Kong movie. Where did THAT come from? And she's also looking real 'toned' as well. All we need is Erica in boots delivering those kicks. Blimey! I gotta watch this again....and again...etc.

  • What is the name for this film? I think I missed it.

    It would be nice to have it back

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    we're resting this one, it will be back! @fxm11

  • This video looks amazing! Is it still available? I don't seem to see it listed anymore. Thanks. @kandyman

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    Tell me about it! Her spin kicks are incredible!! @Panda

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