NEW DAKOTA RELEASE: Station Kickass - you're gonna love this!

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    AGENT DAKOTA goes UNDERCOVER! TV stations across the nation have been invaded by violent anarchists and Dakota is going to put a stop to this - she's had a tip off, she knows which station their going to hit next! Station Kickass in non-stop Dakota action, this black belt gymnast not only destroys the invader but torments and humiliates him to a nation of viewers, live! This incredible girl is a blur of action, high kicking, fast punching and total domination as she uses her gymnastic splits, aerial flips and all powerful spin kicks to rip apart her guy and intimidate his entire anarchist army.


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  • And I'd buy every day.

  • OMG - just watched it. Great outfits, three scissorholds including a sexy neckbreak, my favourite anklehold, ballbusting, handstand kick, Dakota's balletic kicking -just wow. Never been more jealous of a goon (hope he didn't get paid as well!). Haven't even mentioned those flashing eyes.

    Please K'man - release her against a gang in different locations - it would be perfect - though I know we might have to wait for filming - hope you have plenty stored away.

  • The goddess is back! Must be a challenge to all other Kandygirls to be as flexible and gymnastic as Dakota. Would probably hurt a few if they tried!

    Thanks K'man for cheering me up in these times. Any chance of a new Dakota every week?

  • Super excited for this! I love Dakota, she's my favorite girl. Her flexibility is great and I love how she goes for the groin. It would be interesting to see her maybe grabs some balls in the future.

  • @kandyman haha true dat, I gotta try at least :^)

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    If i could, i'd release every day! @opponent12

  • Haha, if you tease it a day early that means you release it a day early, amirite?

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