SIENNA and BROOKE - new release! The Pink Kickass out now!

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    SIENNA and BROOKE are absolutely on fire in this new release! Total kickass action with lots of twists and turns. You're gonna love this one.

  • Sorry i got to add this. Senia gives such a great performance all the way around. She's really a good actress but her fighting skills along with attitude are what makes her extremely unique. Hope to see more of her in what a hope is part 2 and a pissed off score to settle because i really wish we saw more of her in this one. Awesome job as always.

  • Senia is an instant buy. Incredible. Great video.

  • Sienna?

    See stars more like!! 😉 👍

  • Excellent job. These two...just WOW! 😍 Jewel thieves. Superhuman jewel thieves in sexy tight turtle necks. I love it. Can we make suggestions? Perhaps shiny vinyl leggings that are all the rage now? Perhaps leather gloves? Perhaps shots of them running more as their beautiful tops defy gravity? Perhaps a throatlift of 2 in the future? Perhaps props that can be bent? Perhaps I can deliver funds for this and chip in with a custom? I need to see bionic Kandygirls. Life is very flimsy nowadays.

    Stay safe all

  • Nice job! Lovin' those burgundy discotheque trousers 😻

  • Terrific ending and a quite a pleasant surprise. It would be disappointing if there was not to be a sequel that would lead to a KAF spectacular confrontation. Whoever commissioned this video, please consider filming a sequel.

  • You are the BEST Kandyman ! :) that is exactly what I love!

  • Contains too many virtual long-range attacks and things like anti-wolf spray. I wish all the men were beaten by girl's punch and kick

  • These girls looks hot😍

    But is it contain neak break ? Or just normal KO?

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