EDEN! in brand new release!

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    K and is looking as incredible as ever! This epic has everything! (sorry for delay, I got caught in the middle of nowhere with no wifi)

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    I think this video has something for everyone! there are lots of Eden films with one sided beatdowns and I get that you prefer those :) @zhouzhuo

  • @zhouzhuo

    It is a custom video, so somebody paid to see a back and forth fight. If you would like to see Eden doing something like Shark Kickass you need to pay for a custom video. I'm not really a fan of peril either, but more because of how heels and short skirts make choreography a little too awkward. In any case you should respect the wishes of the person who paid for the video in the first place.

  • Why everytime Eden is facing back and forth fight and was beaten badly? I do not like this type. I love Eden, I want she can fight lots of men without losing a sweat. I miss her first three epic, especially the Marval kickass.

  • This is an absolutely amazing and awesome video. It has everything that I could have wanted in a video and more, actually much more. I don't purchase enough vids to say that this the best one ever produced, nevertheless it must be up there (no it is not my custom). Whoever commissioned this video is a genius. An alternative ending, is this the first time? Eden once again is spectacular. The stunt men require recognition for their great work, the KAK guys are the best. I used one of them in my customs and he was amazing.

  • Great video!

    Loved it!. I have to say it. Eden has become the new Kick Ass Kandy Queen. She can take punishment just as much as she can dish out. Say hello to Kikx from the community

    My question to Kandy Man would be... What is most profitable to him... a video with full girl power or a video with a back and forth fight.

    If its the first one, the numbers don't lie and production on girl power videos should be a priority.

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