Best female fighting / attitude in mainstream media

  • Hi guys. We all love the beauty, dominance and fighting skills of the Kandygirls. But I was wondering which mainstream films and TV shows, in your opinion, come closest to the Kandy style?

    One nomination I would make is a low-budget effort called "Ninja Cheerleaders". It's a ridiculously tacky movie, with dear old George Takei as a ninja master who trains 3 beautiful young women in fighting skills. What makes it wotk is their attitude and confidence - they beat up guys without breaking sweat, laughing as they do so.

    I also recall a TV show called "Thieves Like Us", which had a great scene in which the two heroines smilingly faced off against a pair of rednecks and of course, effortlessly disposed of them.

    Any other nominations?

  • Well, I really liked the attitude of the girls and the fight choreography in the "Dead or Alive" movie. (The scene with Christie (Holly Valance) in the hotel room is an all-time classic.) The first "Charlie's Angels" movie with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu was OK, too.

    Also, the little-known Hungarian tv series "Linda the policewoman" was an absolute blast. The director would really feel himself at home in this community. If you can "somehow" find the episode titled "A tizennyolc karĂ¡tos aranyhal", check out the scene at 6:00 and ESPECIALLY the one from 44:25. (If you like those, you should check the other episodes, too...)


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