CUSTOM SEASON 2020 is here!!!

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    It's now safe (enough) to go back into the waters..... so we're pleased to announce CUSTOM SEASON 2020!! It's going to be a shorter season than usual and we only have a few slots available so register your interest NOW!! Available Kandygirls include Vixen, Kix, Arya, Dakota, Karly and Erica PLUS we have just done the biggest Casting Call for 2 years to find another handful of incredible NEW KANDYGIRLS!! So, waste no time, get in touch!!

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    What can i say DG, you've kept the Kandygirls in boots for a decade! @Dizzy-Goon

  • I have signed up for another custom but this time with some 'new blood'..........should be good.

    I think that takes the DG Custom total up to x20 (if not more....).

    Put it this way, it is only a matter of time before I've paid K'man more in custom charges than Rishi Sunak will have spent on furlough!! 😉

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    Nobody ever leaves @zhouzhuo

  • So Eden, Sienna and Brooke will leave? Oh no, my favourite three girls...

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    I can hardly wait. 😁

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