VIXEN and ARYA team up in INVISIBLE KANDY out now!!

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  • What's with the tumbleweed chaps? Thought I'd better get some comments in before the next offering - Vixen and Arya are a great pairing - two top girls indeed. If I made lists, Vix, along with Kix, would not appear on them, they are somehow beyond listing, they're just up there, on another plain altogether. You know what I mean if you've been on the KandyWagon for a while like what I have. So Arya is in fact top of all my lists, sharing top spot with Diva and Aish, of course. But I digress. Vix and Arya relish a bit of brutality and mercilessnessness. and they dish it out with a swagger we find quite beguiling. You gotta love those girls 😍

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