Preview of Friday?

  • Thigh High Boots

  • It's up there ain't it; definitely up there.

  • That it is Kicker24..........that it truly is @kicker24 😏

  • I know I'm late to the party but holy Sh!t. This one was incredible...

  • Thanks Hi-Kix-Forever. I loved this custom (actually, I’ve loved all my KickAss Kandy Kustoms). I gotta give the Kandy Krew a lotta credit here. I agree the camera angles are......breathtaking😍 but the genius behind this is the Kandyman’s ability to interpret my vision. Finally Sienna, it simply stunning and plays the role so perfectly. @H-Kix-Forever

  • Well done Panda! If I did a custom myself, it would have a lot in common with this masterpiece. Lots of great posing and strutting, accompanied by some, er, breathtaking camera angles! Some spectacular kicking and a nice smattering of kick-him-when-he's-down brutality. Sienna is simply stunning. Well done to all concerned.

  • Why certainly your Dizziness. I would love to see the outfit in action again.
    I think I’m allowed to say that the Kandyman is about to shoot another custom for me with a continuing “red” colour scheme. @Dizzy-Goon

  • @Panda

    You, Sir, deserve a GOLD STAR for this one!!

    What an outfit.......I may have to 'borrow' some of that for one of my films!

    Top draw Kandy action. 👏

  • Indeed she does........Indeed she does. She blitzed this film 😝@H-Kix-Forever

  • O my days, feel the heat! What an outfit and what a performance, Sienna sure knows how to strut her stuff 😜

  • WOW, previews look great. I normally only purchase the FvsF, peril vids but this i may buy just because of Sienna in that outfit.

  • Panda also loves! @kandyman

  • administrators

    Panda knows..... @Panda

  • I hope everyone loves Red Kandy

  • An - tici - ..... 💘

    Almost literally cannot wait

    But not feeling brave enough to guess who!

  • @kandyman diva , karly??

  • administrators

    Who could it be??

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