Halloween Kickass?

  • Has there ever been a sexy Halloween film in Kickasskandy?

  • Methinks that is more harem than Halloween. I demand your finest sexy witches 😜

  • administrators

    😉 That's the one. This may be the greatest clip of all time..... @Graves78

  • @JadeOwl

    You mean this? https://kickasskandy.com/octokandy-movie/

    It was a homage to Magda (Kristina Wayborn) in "Octopussy" . This movie has one of the most iconic f/m fight sequences ( )

  • administrators

    The closest thing I can think of is the one time Red wore a genie outfit. But that was an homage to something else that eludes me right now.

  • @H-Kix-Forever

    I would love to see some witch outfits on the kandygirls, can't believe that hasn't been done yet now that I think about it lol... Ghost town Kickass from last year was for Halloween, but yeah I guess there aren't too many holdiay themed clips overall.

  • Well , "Scooby Kick Ass" or "Ghost Town Kickass" are pretty close... :)

  • Sexy witches kicking ghoulies?

  • administrators

    Not really. We thought about it and we wondered what would make it Halloweeny - the victims as Ghouls? or the heroines in fancy dress? @bootlover64

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