THE GIRL WITH THE KICK ASS TATTOO - she's drop Red gorgeous

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    Well - Red is back and was recently voted Little Chef's Best Stomach 2011. You wouldn't know it, but this was one hell of a freezing cold day with no heating inside either! the things we do for the Kandy.

    This film has a sequel too….and who knows what could happen in that!

  • I loved the 6 pack of Red and also the similar scene with Kix in kick ass in the hood.
    Very good Kandyman.

  • Red is super hot! you got to love that stomach.

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    I'm not one to celebrate Liverpool victories but yesterday was an exception to the rule! what a week its been in football! I bet you're looking forward to Man U coming to Marseille - you're almost as good as Wolves?

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    I've just come back from the pub to watch Liverpool beat Chelsea and i couldn't be happier - I still can't play You'll Never Walk Alone in my house though, i'd be thrown out.

    Glad you like the film Mate, they're not only beautiful but they are top girls too.

  • How beautiful is Red!!! she's extraordinary - never quite seen anything like it, the face, the stomach, the legs….. quite breathtaking. Watching her take on those guys was a sight and a half, I've been blown away. AGENT RED ROCKS!!!!!

    I think i need some fresh air.

  • Yay! Agent Red is back and in boots!

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