KICKASSFEMMES release this Friday 13th!

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    We are going to release photosets and films on alternate weeks this year on KICKASSFEMMES sorry it's not been so active last year but we are going to make up for that!

    THIS FRIDAY is the clash of legendary vs rookie... Vixen vs brand new Kandygirl Montana! Montana is our latest discovery and she is here to stay, she's an incredible addition to the team!

    This film is going to twist and turn to the very end!

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    IT'S HERE! The long awaited FF battle between the legend that is VIXEN Vs the cocky new recruit MONTANA....

  • what if ya posted this video tonight? I’m sure everyone would love that a little uplifting from corona. I’m challenging u K man the question is will u accept the challenge...

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    no, it's a full year from now! @Damon10010

  • also the year is over on a little less than 2 months so are we only getting one more kickassfemmes video?

  • ooooo please post this soon

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