Kandy Girls Interview

  • Hello!

    I just bought an old film but one of the best "Kickass Boxer" with AJ.

    The thing I want to point out is the bonus clip of that, which includes an interview with AJ victory posing over her defeated victim.

    I remember that there are another two interview clips with Kix and Amber (?).

    @kandyman why you didn't shot any interview clips in the last years? It is a real pleasure to see those girls talking and humiliating their opponents with that type of interview.

    I think a lot of us would like these clips.

  • administrators

    Well, if you order a Custom Movie and request it then it becomes part of the deal. thanks @tapoutos7

  • In addition I would like to ask what can we do to add bonus interview clip. For example it is up to you @kandyman to decide, the creator of the custom need to ask it?

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