Friday Release who you got?

  • With the anticipation of each weeks release 3 things happen leading into the final Friday..

    1. Wednesday someone asks the question who's coming this Friday. The interwebs abound with what will be the scenario, who will be beating our goons, what will the Kandygirl be wearing? ;)

    2. Thursday a mysterious photo is dropped on the website or Twitter. Showing the vaguest picture of our Kandygirl and the goon she is about to beat leading to mass speculation of who it will be Friday.

    3. Trailer drops, video. Our questions have been answered. Kandyman has done it again....

    But who will it be this week?

  • More to come,☺😜@kandyman

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    Thanks Jacques - Karly is just incredible! @Jacques

  • I am not a big buyer of pure 'girl power' films, nevertheless having been very familiar with Karly's abilities I purchased the video. This was one hell of a beatdown, an amazing film, absolutely awesome.

  • Phew, I did not embarrass myself.@Jacques

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    KARLY IS LOCKED AND LOADED! She's in the shape of her life and is delivering her own brutal justice today... she's an essential worker so is allowed to work during lockdown you see.

  • I know! she is stunning!!! let's hope that your custom is released for the general public soon and let's hope today's release has some small peril elements as well @Jacques

  • You are right, it is not my custom. Based on my experiences with Karly, she sells amazing peril.@pulphead

  • This post is deleted!

  • this is not your custom then I supose ? :) @Jacques

  • If my eyesight is any good, it sure looks like Karly. She is in both my just filmed customs and I would be shocked (maybe embarrassed) if it was not her.

  • I'm with KhalilMack52 I think it's Karly (although it could be Jess Phillips - who we all know as the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley).

    On balance though....I think Karly.

  • Wowzers, nice outfit! Don't think it's Karly though. I have my suspicions but I'd hate to give my guess and get it wrong, especially given who I think it may be...!

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    could be.... @KhalilMack52

  • karly ? 😁

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    Well, good question! Here is said photo of what is in store for you tomorrow.... but who is it?


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