Friday Release

  • WHAT WILL IT BE KANDYMAN. More thigh high boots?

  • @kandyman Do you still have any beige thigh high boot films that were unreleased or released (but now gone on the website) for sale? I've seen all the ones that are purchasable on the website and I'm looking for more!

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    Agreed and Stuntman S has properly got himself in shape this year, Hollywood beckons. @Dizzy-Goon

  • Vixen is a stunner in every sense of the word (ok, perhaps not every sense of the word i.e. the shot in in snooker).

    She really does get more gorgeous year on year.

    However, I cannot help but notice how much weight this stunt fellow has lost. He must be a couple of stone lighter than he was when he first hit our screens.

    Probably down to all the X, Y & Z that has been kicked out of him over the years by the Kandygirls!

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    Unfortunately those trailers are lost for ever @skybluemayo

  • @kandyman Thanks Kandyman I did email to ask if I could see a trailer for 3 old films that don’t seem to still have trailers ... they are called VALLEY AND IMPOSSIBLE AND ULTRA

    Could you check your emails please I sent it on 2nd October and advise how I can see a trailer for those 3 old films .. thanks ... Jo

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    Hi SBM, long time! You can buy using credit cards via Paypal I believe otherwise send me a list of the films you'd like at and you can pay directly into our account.... but that will take a lot longer! @skybluemayo

  • @kandyman Hello can I buy old films ? Can I pay by credit card as it won’t allow me to ?

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    Even longer! about 12 years! and she's like a fine wine.... sorry, i meant she likes a fine wine. @kicker24

  • I fully concur with your feelings on the matter. Vixen is Queen Bee.

  • She's been with Kickasskandy for over 10 years? Right? And she's as hot now as she was those years ago if not hotter.

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    EXACTLY!! @Panda

  • I know you usually like to tease us by “hiding” the Kandy girl identity in advance but even the Kandyman realises that there is no way to conceal THAT body. Vixen is forever HOT

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    I love these Million Dollar questions.... can you leave it in unmarked bills, in a suitcase, by a bench in the park?


  • @bootlover64. The weekly million dollar question.

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