HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sx Panther Movie is here!!

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    This is possibly the most anticipated film of all time.... we've been saving it for 2021 as 2020 didn't deserve it. Sex Panther is back for 1 time only and it's a cracker!!

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    Thanks @Fixi You're a truly Gent.

  • @kandyman
    I'm one of those lucky fans. Having seen the whole film actually convinced me to buy and own it - for many, many repetitions! It's a truly great work! Sx Panther is the best!

  • This video is definitely pure 'girl power' at its very best. This is an amazing performance from Sx Panther.

  • @kandyman

    😱......my custom.....gifted....like furlough cash!!!

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    There is now! I accidentally uploaded the whole film instead of the trailer so some lucky fans got to view the whole film via streaming! I'm sure those lucky boys (and girls) will go on to purchase the film too though.... please! 😫

  • @kicker24

    There’s one on the main KAK website (at least there should be)

    There usually is for any release.

  • Is there a preview clip?

  • Its the 2021 dream to bring back OG KandyGirls for one time? Because im on that boat all the way!!

    Happy new year to all the team btw. Hope this one is more calm than the last one, at least in pandemic terms. The Kandygirls can stay as they are hehehe

  • I have made a New Year Resolution...........to write more Customs for Miss Harwood in an effort to entice her back into the KAK fold!!! 😉

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