NEW VIXEN RELEASE! Hit Me Kickass One More Time

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  • Loved the film - a very interesting premise.

    Loved the outfits - Vixen's outfits to be clear!

    Love Vixen - because my eyes still just about function.....but only just.

    Hopefully Vixen still has a few more Customs in her before she retires to the secret Pacific Ocean Kandy Girl Atoll Paradise to enjoy cocktails (24/7), massages under a white linen cover fluttering in a gentle breeze, on demand bikini clad destruction of spearfishing frogmen bad-guys on the beach (like those great spy films of the 1970s), the odd book on a sun lounger, the occaisional covert mission to take out a boat of pirates & DG's famous BBQ spare ribs (they're pretty good by the way)?

    Sounds like an OK island - no?! 😉

    Anyway, back on topic. Great film. 👍

  • Oh my! You got me 😍

  • @kandyman vixen should change those denim shorts on to a denim skirt 🥵

  • Bloody Hell!!!

    Panda makes a jolly good point!! 😳


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  • @kandyman

    And I shall sleep well tonight knowing all is right in the more sleep

  • Wow.. Absolutely incredible...

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  • @H-Kix-Forever

    Yes, this is an important Q? Is Vixen in boots?

  • May we have a more southerly view of her impressive pins? [ This is a boot-related enquiry ]

  • NOW you have my attention!!

    Vixen always delivers (of course whilst strictly adhering to the 2m rule ).

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