Where do you find out about new releases?

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    Hey Kandyland, i'm trying to work out where most people find out about our releases, please could you let me know?

    a) Twitter

    b) Mailing List

    c) You just know something from either site will be released on a Friday?

    d) Somewhere else?

    This would be a great help!



  • c. I just know! ;)

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    I do lurk there and am continuously ..... amused? @Jacques

  • I visit the Heroine Movies forum periodically. It is is hardly relevant as the KAK/KAF posts appear only a few days after the videos are released. What is hard to take is the less than mature individuals posting on the HM site. Actually I may be too kind with my characterization.@kandyman

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    Does anyone use the Forums at all? If so, which ones?

  • Once the stars align Kandyman........I check my email.

    I guess like most other people on the forum we also have a “two week” cycle etched into our body clocks.


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    I generally know the schedule, and Twitter let’s me know about the out of schedule stuff.

  • The mailing list , mainly. Also, checking the forums a few times each day... :)

    I don't use Twitter .

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    This is really useful to know! how important is Twitter to you guys?

  • The Mailing List, and checking the website starting Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 😜

  • For me it's a, b, c & general KAK telepathy

  • Jacques......I'm blushing (or have I just hit the red wine a bit early?). 😳

    @Jacques said:

    The Mailing List, Checking the website regularly and the posts from Mr. DG.

  • The Mailing List, Checking the website regularly and the posts from Mr. DG.

  • twitter and this forum

  • Twitter and the forums here (you used to post trailers prior to the release, something that is not done any more :( )

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