Kandygirls Ranking

  • I know it is not easy to rank kandygirls because they are all beautiful and powerful but I am curious to know the personal rankings (top 10) of all kickasskandy fans

    this is my ranking:

    1) Vixen

    2) Mata-Hari

    3) Kix

    4) Diva

    5) Sienna

    6) Emanuelle

    7) Brooke

    8) JJ

    9) Red

    10) AJ

  • @a-spec YES! I love Jet! Her photosets were the hottest damn thing I've ever seen.

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    She went under the name Blaze! @max-91f

  • @Dizzy-Goon India? Why i dont remember that name?...

    PS: omg i will love to see AJ for a one time new production only just for the memories.

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    Great rankings there DG! It's amazing how fondly AJ is remembered! I try to convince her to come back every year but, although she still loves you guys, she's moved onwards and upwards!

  • So very easy to write War & Peace on this topic but have tried to resist (& I guess ultimately failed).

    I think it is actually impossible to grade your favourite girls from 1-10 because individually they all bring something that the others don’t. The fighting skills of some are better than others but then the others are majorly gorgeous, better actresses, I fancy them etc…..

    So in no particular order (ok, maybe a bit of an order) the standouts for me are:-


    Where do you start & exactly where do her legs finish? For me “the one who got away” in terms of customs.I would write the film of the century tomorrow if she would star in it. The original & arguably still the best in so many ways.I mean, could you imagine her in the DG industry standard Seccy Outfit against ninjas? I mean…..can you?!!Without her know knows if KAK would be here today.

    DG Customs: N/A (sadly!!)

    DG Score:9.0/10 (lost 0.5 because of no customs)


    She pretty much nailed it right from the off.Stunningly beautiful & very adept at everything we have thrown at her in the customs shot (to date) with her. Hoping to do many more with her. Truly amazing eyes.

    DG Customs:THE KICKASS TALE (& one, as yet, unreleased film)

    DG Score:8.75/10


    A full on muse for a long time.Stunning to gaze at & even more beautiful to listen to.That cut glass tone while scything through the bad guys…..wow…..and her delivery in Kickass Awakens of “can I just say it’s been an absolute pleasure kicking your arse….OK YAH”!Perfection.


    DG Score:9.25/10


    A new entrant this year & one for the future. I do not want to say too much on what’s been filmed to date but she is now certainly a DG ‘go to’ girl. Expect great things.Visually 9/10, voice 8.5/10, sexiness…..987/10.

    DG Customs:One new film…….you’ll have to wait!!

    DG Score:8.60/10 (caveat that score with “early days”)


    Often overlooked & in my view VERY underrated.Great athleticism & a truly superb figure. K’man – if she is still willing I think a solo mission is long overdue. Incredible flexibility & stunningly attractive.


    DG Score:8.65/10


    A true KAK legend (& a heart-breakingly beautiful one at that). Need I continue? Attitude, sex appeal, the outfits….man….the outfits.KAK royalty & sex on legs.


    DG Score:9/10

    Lady Arabella Fortescue

    Sadly only the one film with her.Big shame as I had plans, big plans!Her kicking was off the charts & that voice…..I need a cold flannel.Man. that voice….

    DG Customs:THE KICKASS INTERN (sadly just the one…..pity)

    DG Score:8.35/10

    Sex Panther

    Danni Harwood dressed in very little beating up the bad guys. If you don’t like that you are in the wrong Forum! Hopefully we see her again…..fingers crossed. We may need a Euro millions win but it would be money well spent. Perhaps plays it a bit for herself but why not when you look like her?!


    DG Score:8.5/10


    Always eye-catching & a truly excellent gymnast. Notwithstanding the slightly grating vocal tone (she is from Southend I think) she more than made up for that with her action skills & visual appeal. A great foil in a 2-girl kandy production, especially with Jade.


    DG Score:8/10


    One (hyphenated) word……….hot-pants. Ok, two words, hot-pants…legs. For me probably the best figure of all of the Kandy Girls & sublime athleticism. Always strikes me that she is having a good time!!


    DG Score:8.65/10

    Cannot leave without a solid (NHS style Thursday night) round of applause for:-

    Blaze – a class act & incredible stage fighting skills. A wonderful smile


    DG Score:8.5/10

    Bodi – a new Kandygirl but one who shows promise. Very striking. One custom so far & a further one drafted…..


    DG Score:8.25/10

    KC Flex – a short stay, but a good one.

    DG Customs:n/a

    DG Score:8.0/10

    Kix – KAK from Day One. Amazing fighting skills. Kandy royalty.

    DG Customs:n/a

    DG Score:8.0/10

    Angel ­ - a fleeting dalliance with KAK. Full marks for effort!


    DG Score:7.5/10

    Bianca – a very sexy Spanish girl if somewhat unintelligible. Wonderful balletic expression.

    DG Customs:n/a

    DG Score:8.0/10

    Look…..you could go on for ever but you have to stop somewhere.

    They are all great one way or another but you chose your favourites for Customs so it’s pretty obvious who you prefer if you think about it!

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    What about Hi-Kix? @a-spec

  • Here is my ranking:











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    Thanks Johnny, i think you're in good company that side of the pond. That's a nice list, filled with some good old classic kandygirls. Nice to see Silver so high, she was a real star. Cat was cool too, not a natural fighter but was a damn nice girl. @American-Johnny

  • How could I not come over from across the Atlantic and join in the fun? Here is my list:

    1. Skarlett

    2. Silver

    3. Diva

    4. Kix






    10. Sienna


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    You're never too late Panda and this is a great list too. Naturally you'll have Kix at the top, she is KAK royalty along with Vixen and Diva but it's nice to see Sienna and Arya break your top 5 too! @Panda

  • I know I'm late to the party but I have to add my 2 pence worth:

    1. Hi-Kix - Wow, the Queen of Kandy! What doesn’t she have? The undisputed number one on my list. I’ve done more customs with Kix than any other Kandygirl. All the Kandygirls are gorgeous BUT nobody brings it to a fight scene like Kix. Watching her unleash her black belt skills in thigh-high boots is simply breathtaking. Kix really should have become a mainstream female action star. Best films - Kung Fu Kandy & Kill Kix Vol 2.
    2. Sienna - Although a relative newcomer, this Kandygirl just has ‘IT’, an intangible Kandy ‘je na sais quoi’. How someone so petite can really rock a pair of thigh-high boots is beyond me. Best films - Kickass Creek & Run Kickass Run.
    3. Diva - Burst onto the Kandy scene with the greatest debut film EVER (Alpha Kickass). Her gymnastic abilities allowed her to perform my all-time favourite Kandy kick, the double-jumping split kick. I only wished we’d have seen more of her in thigh-high boots. Best films - Alpha Kandy & Wonder Diva.
    4. Vixen - Of all the Kandygirls, no one seemed to truly enjoy the concept of beating men into oblivion more than Vixen. My favourite Kandy Wonder Woman despite being blonde! Best films - Iron Kandy & Wonder Vixen
    5. Arya - Another relative newcomer who, with long hair, long legs, and a whoop-ass body knows how to throw a punch. Best films - Kickass Mirror & an as yet, to be released Kandy Kustom!
    6. Aish - Definitely the most underrated Kandygirl. Her fighting skills truly evolved over time. I rate her ‘tush’ above all others. Best films - The Kickass Authority & Grand Theft Kickass.
    7. KC - Nobody filled out a catsuit like KC, her body just seemed to defy the laws of physics every time she was in fight scene. Best films - Big Kickass & Kickass Most Wanted.
    8. Silver - Another underrated Kandygirl who could dish it out with the best of the Kandygirls. I much preferred her as a brunette. Sadly drifted away from Kickass Kandy only to appear on websites of a similar, but not as worthy, genre. Best films - Midnight Kandy & Kickass Kafe.
    9. AJ - The original Kandygirl. She gave the fledgling website the credit it so richly deserved and CERTAINLY got my attention. Best films - Kickass Strikes Back & Citizen Kickass.
    10. Alison Carroll - This one hit/kick Kandygirl promised SO much in her only true Kickass Kandy film - Kandy Heat. Wearing quite possibly the HOTTEST Kandy outfit ever, Alison is wonderfully acrobatic as she demolishes her male opponent. Oh, what could have been!

    My only lament to the Kandyman’s absolute genius is that I would have loved to have seen more Kandy Kolour, ie African, Far Eastern, or South Asian Kandygirls.

    I celebrate the Kandyman and all the Kandygirls and Kandy Krew for 13 magnificent years.


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    It's funny, AJ was the first ever Kandygirl and still unforgettable @grandmystique

  • This is impossible to just list 10 !! But here goes..

    1. AJ

    2 Silver

    3. Jade

    4. Eden

    5 Diva

    6. Hi-Kix

    7. Vixen

    8. JJ

    9. Cat

    10. Legs 11

    honourable : Amber

    AJ is in a league of her own imo.. one can only dream she one day returns to Kandyland.

    Silver and Eden are so evil and dominant! Very sinister. Kickass Marvel is up there for favourite KAK video of all time.

    And I don’t think you can have a top 3 and not include Jade! The posh spy! And I had no idea she was in GoT !! Did I watch the series with my eyes closed ?? Just my opinion. Great thread ! :)

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    So the holy trinity of AJ, Kix and Vix live in their own superleague.... fair enough! Love the inclusion of Storm and Ice in this, wish we'd done more work with them! @H-Kix-Forever

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    Jade was fantastic to work with and probably got her role on Game of Thrones because of us ;) She had such style, poise and attitude - a real pleasure to work with. @Jadefan

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    Kix is a fine choice for the top of anyones list, Vixen gets better and better and love that you've included Blaze - she was an absolute natural on her very first shoot - one day she'll come back and film more with us. @tuttle1

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    LOVE the detail on this one!! You certainly live up to your name and those boots worn by Skarlet and latterly Eden are almost impossible to wear as they are so high! Vixen tried it but gave up! At the time they were a £700 pair of boots (now they may cost around £400) but were given to us by the good people at Fernando Berlin. Glad to see credit given to the beige ones too, they were so hard to find and now impossible to find a replacement for them. Great to see Sx Panther on there, she is one of the 7 wonders of the world i believe and Silver is underrated , i agree. Love that you've included the likes of Cari, Arya and Karly from the new generation too. @bootlover64

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    Love the detail on this and you've gone for a proper old skool top 3 there! Glad to see Erica making your Top 10, she's often underrated but is so good! @Abercorn

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    Aish is something else! we'd love her to come back to the UK one day... same with Emmanuelle. @kicker24

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    Vixen is a great choice for No1 and good to see some respect for the likes of Red and Mata Hari! @KhalilMack52

  • The thought has occurred to me that you do not want to read the title of this thread in the guise of Jonathan Ross....😆

    @kandyman said:


  • @Graves78 Thanks. I purchased Indecent Kickass. Terrific video, Emmanuelle was amazing, gorgeous with a fabulous costume and maximum abdomen exposure. I really liked the beatdown and its combat choreography. The was a small amount of peril, more would have been a nice bonus. Nevertheless this was a pretty awesome film. Too bad she is not around, I certainly would liked to have cast her in my next custom. I am a sucker for brunettes and French accents. Thanks again and much appreciated.

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  • @Jacques

    You can look up the movies of any Kandygirl if you write in their name in the search bar of the main page.

    Anyway, these are Emmanuelle's movies:

    K is for Kickass

    House of Kickass

    Warkandy - The Movie

    The Queens of Kandy

    Indecent Kickass

    My personal favorite is Indecent Kickass.

  • Hi, I have a keen interest in French girls/women. I have cast a number of them in many of my customs elsewhere. I lived in Paris for several years and I have fond memories of the women. Can anyone tell me which videos featured Emanuelle. Thanks.

  • This is pure torture! Great idea, but trying to decide on a top 10 is driving me nuts.

    I've come to the conclusion that I just can't put certain Kandygirls on a list at all, to me they are somehow above listing, on a higher plane of Uber-Kandyness so to speak. These incomparable ladies are Ki-Kix (I do do what I say on my tin after all), Vixen and AJ.

    Then, more or less in order, I think! And I've just realised the top few are girls whose vids I'd invest in even if they weren't wearing boots! . . .

    1. Diva - incredibly sexy

    2. Sienna - One of the finest strutters in the history of corridors

    3. Aish - someone said she's intense - I agree!

    4. Arya - Mouth opens, draw drops, speechless

    5. Eden - top of the posh, arrogant, and so she should be!

    6. Blaze - a firestorm of a woman. "This... is more interesting!"

    7. Ice - brooding animal power, possibly the sexiest vision of a woman putting her boots on ever, whose star shone so briefly in the Kandy firmament.

    8. JJ - funny, sexy, brutal, sure I saw her on Billericay high street.

    9. Skarlet - hello, you're ****** !

    10. Storm - that sweet innocent face, she truly believes she's doing what's best for you.

    ...and especially honourable mentions to Cat, Silver and the mighty Red !

  • I love a list! Here's mine:

    1 Jade

    2 Kix

    3 Eden

    4 Cari

    5 JJ

    6 Sienna

    7 Aish

    8 Silver

    9 Amber

    10 Skarlet

    Cannot believe no one else has yet had Jade even in their top 10!

  • This is a complicated yet fascinating question. Each person will have is own favourites.

    Mine would be

    1 Kix, the og. Her martial arts background makes her beating the more impressive and believable

    2 Sex Panther. The sexiest of the all for me, her body speaks for itself

    3 Amber. As bootlover said, probably the fittest kandygirl, i don't exactly know why but each of her appearances excited me very much, especially the ring scenes alone against two big guys

    4 Vixen. What a woman! I can watch her older or more recent movies in awe

    5 Diva Something really exciting in her acting and attitude

    6 AJ Can't forget the first kandygirl, what a stunner

    7 Blaze I have a thing for redhead i think and even if here moves were less impressive than other girls, she was so seductive!

    8 Eden My favorite recent girl, incredible eyes and confidence

    9 Red The memory of her abs and casual walking...

    10 Aish Her movie on the roof(kickass defender) is one of my favorites. What a boss!

  • Ranking:

    1. Skarlet: I think Skarlet is probably the most underrated kandygirl of all time. She has such a sexy tone, she's thicc, tall, and graceful. She has such an arrogant and agressive style and she probably has one of the best thigh high boots. She is also "technically" the only "asian" kandygirl (half asian) and is serverly underrated. She has a lot of films with her signature thigh high boots and is very sexy. I don't know how many times I've seen most of her films and she never disappoints. Her debut in retaliation was great, but I think she shines in Les Kickass, Suicide Femmes and her only beige boot video " Kickass Fate". Solid pick and I don't know how many times I see her finish her opponents off with her high leg kick execute.

    2. Vixen: God damn I love Vixen, I have most of her films and she is so fucking hot. Nice legs, great smile, and very arrogant/confident. She is very playful and loves to fight with a smile. I think her best films are probably the beige boots because those are thoe ones where it accentuates her blondness and overall gives such a nice appearance My favorite films from her are definitely Saving Private Kickass, Dukes of Kickass, Iron Kandy, and Killing Kickass. :)

    3. Silver: I was surprised no remember this underrated og kandygirl as well. I was very sad when she left after Kandyland in 2016. I think Silver was very cool, a blonde in the beginning and eventually switched to her brunette self. Man silver was so cool, mean, and strong. She has such a bitchy face but that was the sexiest part of her. She always looked mad, but seductive and gives the feeling of please beat me up. I miss her so much but man is there so many good videos of her. I remember her old films where she is taking shots of vodka and the enemy would be getting drunk and she wouldn't feel anything. (P.S I think her and red were the iconic duo vs kix) and she would never be overshadowed by another girl in a film. She's always a centerpiece and I will always respect her for being so good at what she did. That is why she is number 3! Her best films: To Catch a Kickass, True Kickass 1/2, The Wolf of Kickass, and Hail Kickass.

    4. Panther AKA the infamous Dannii Harwood: Holy shit this person is literally a glamorous model and she's has nice blonde hair, what an edge. She is definitely 4th because in her debut she came off as aloof, sexy, and very, very, thicc, biggest boobs of all the kandygirls and hot. She is a hot ass blonde and man does she literally kickass. She is very aggressive, has great curves (that ass), and that crazy thing about her is that I would think she would have a deeper voice, but her voice is at a perfect high pitch. Just thinking about her gets me crazy and I don't want to tell you how many times I've "watch her" 😚. Natural Born Kickass was her debut and that film still holds up to this day, also her thigh high boots are top 10 because its similar to Skarlets but slightly shorter, also it has a seductive feeling to them. The best film of her is definitely Hard Kandy movie, and I believe that is the one film that makes the most "hardest" 😌That outfit is ridiculous and it came with a photoset which was great. The outfit consist of a leather tight top/corset, tight leather shorts, a nice gold ring belt, delicious fishnets, and her iconic thigh high boots. Holy shit is this outfit a 10/10 and the film aged very nicely. Still one of my Favorite films from Mr. kandyman and she is definitely #4.

    Beyond 5-10 they are all about the same and I couldn't choose which ones were better but they are all about the similar likeness of each other. I love the kandygirls, but its so hard to pick because there are so many of them.

    5. Bianca/Emmanuelle I feel like these two were very similar. Emmanuelle being french, and Bianca a very nice Hispanic girl. They both were very flexible, long legged, and dark hair. Emmanuelle was definitely a appealing flexible girl that had very nice long, thin legs, that went well with boots that were tight to her feet. Bianca was definitely a little bit more "big" in the tush and had very nice curly, wavy hair. I think these two are both very underrated and I think went Emmanuelle left Bianca was able to fill in the void (even though she only has two films 😥). Overall these two are great and definitely take the 5th spot

    6. Erica Starr: Man I love Erica! I honestly think Erica is a top 10 Kandygirl of all time. She is a beautiful blonde, slender, acrobatic, and she has such a nice charm to her. She has pretty long legs so its very nice because it pairs well with her acrobatics. Her blondness reminds me of vixen and panther, but a lil darker. She seems very small and weak but man does she show that even though she looks thin and weak, she is able to deal a lot of damage over time with her legs. Holy shit her legs are so nice and I've seen so many leg chokes from her. I think its one of her signature moves. Best films from her: Faster, Kandygirls! Kill! Kill!, Club Kickass, Dazed and Kickass, Ghost Town, and Groundhog. Soid films and a solid kandygirl which is why she gets 6th.

    7. Cat/Aish Two gorgeous blondes (aish changes her hair to reddish blonde). My god these two are basically at the same ranking (its starting to get hard to pick kandygirls....) and they have freaking long legs too! Cat is definitely the most prettiest kandygirl and she has such a small girl vibe. Her makeup is always on point and overall she is so pretty to look at. Aish is very pretty as well, and she has a unique scary charm (crazy girl vibes). And man does she slam dudes to the ground so hard. Overall they both serve their purpose and are solid kandygirls. I think they are both equally underrated and they are pretty good actress. My favorite film is when they both duo up in Kickass Authority. Too bad Aish doesn't have a lot of Thigh High Boots films but its okay. Films: Justice Kandy, and Kickass Authority, Atomic Kickass Series, Electric Kandy, JF Kickass, and Private Kickass.

    8. JJ: Holy shit she is also very underrated, Definitely an allstar kandygirl and she is also very rough thinking. She is so mean and I love that part about her. JJ is pretty cool, she has such a femdom trait and is very cool. One of the top brunettes as well and she is such an interesting aura about her. I mean she even had her own 3 part series in Kickass of thrones where she is literally an empress. Overall solid kandygirl and has a pretty nice face. I would let her step on me :D. She gets 8th for sure and is definitely a Top 15 Kandygirl of all time. She also stole Diva's split punch and Skarlet's High Kick execute, She is very Versatile. Top Films: The Femmalist, Kickass Throne, Assassin Kandy, Kickass codes, and Kandylander 1 and 2.

    9. Eden/Sienna: The two upcoming kandygirls and I believe they are the future of KickassKandy. Eden is a brunette and man she is so beautiful and young. Sienna is a black haired Kandygirl which is really rare! Eden reminds me of a new age Skarlet and she is so seductive and sexy. She has the rough girl charm, but is also very seductive and alluring. Her debut was one of the greatest because it was a very long film and she outfit changes into Skarlet's Thigh High Boots! Overall she is so solid and I hope for the best for her in the future because she is 🔥. I think Sienna is super underrated too because she's new, but she has a big ass! Sienna is so fire and she is so mean in a good way. She plays her role very well and most of the films she featured felt like a support role, However, her debut was really good and I need another main film for her only. Eden films: Shark Kickass, Hell on Kickass, Kickass Bang Theory and Airforce Kickass. Sienna Films: Run Kickass Run, Knock Knock Kickass, Jewel Theives, Kickass Creek, and Kickass Stalkers.

    10. Amber: The last kandygirl I decide to put on my list, God damn amber is probably the fittest kandygirl of all time next to Icewomen of course. Amber has nice chestnut hair and man does she make me n*t! Amber is so fire because she is so buff. Her butt looks so toned and she has the perfect ratio for her chest! She probably works out a lot and thats why we always she her in the ring setup. I don't know how many times I've watched her films but every time I do watch it I realize she is so good at what she does. She is 10th because she is very underrated and I wonder if people actually remember her, but she definitely kicks ass! Her voice is surprisingly very high and I thought it would be pretty deep because she's freaking jacked! I miss her and I don't expect her to comeback, but if she does its a treat because she is so good. Also give her some freaking thigh high boots because I think she can pull it off, she just has the knee high boots that are skin tight. Let's go amber! Films: Assassin Kandy, Raiders of the Lost Kickass, and personal favorite The Kandy Who Fell to Earth (that boot choke at the end was so good).

    And that is my list!

    Honorable mentions: Cari, Arya, Karly, Bambi, Icewoman and Gold

  • Great post!! 👍

    Going to give this conundrum mega grey matter & come back to you.

  • This is a great idea for a thread. Because I love lists, I'm going to be a bit different by counting down and going into some detail. It's a difficult task but I think my ranking would be:

    10. Skylar: Blonde, acrobatic, gorgeous. She didn't appear in that many films but she always made an impact. Her acrobatics were so good, I was even impressed and I'm not usually a fan of Kandygirls removing their boots. She also inspired my first thread on the site (the one about Kandygirl kills)

    9. Emmanuelle: Perhaps the most flexible Kandygirl. She could bend in pretty much any way and incorporated wonderfully into her own unique fighting style. As an American, I already love the Kandygirls' UK accents but Emmanuelle's French accent was really something else.

    8. AJ: The original Kandygirl. I know she seems kinda low on the list but that's a testament to how the site and the choreography has improved so much from the start. Not to say AJ wasn't incredible because she certainly was. I remember years ago scouring the internet for good clips of gorgeous women beating up men and finding a short segment of "Citizen Kickass" I followed the trail to this amazing site and the rest is history.

    7. Erica: She's been around for a while now and continues to improve with every film. Most Kandygirls have a playful cocky attitude but I feel like Erica does it better than any of them.

    6. Mata Hari: Another from the early days. She may have been gone for a while but still completely unforgettable. Her style also stood out as unique being something between taekwondo and ballet and it was wonderful. I'm still holding out hope she'll return someday.

    5. Blaze: A woman with moves as fiery as her hair. She had my heart the moment she debuted in Kickass Nine-Nine. That tight, leather catsuit, the way she beat down three guys at once, finishing the last guy by choking him out between her legs... excuse me while I go watch it again.

    4. Aish: Another flexible beauty. She echoes what I said about Emmanuelle but fights with much more ferocity. Many Kandygirls are quite graceful but I love that Aish combines that with this intensity that made me believe she really wanted to destroy her opponent. Her fight in Blade Kickass illustrates that beautifully and is one of the best I've ever seen. I'm also a fan of her shorter length hair, it makes her stand out among the Kandygirls .

    3. Diva: I haven't posted in a while but people who know me from the forum will know that I absolutely adore Diva. She's the only Kandygirl I've ever ordered a custom for and it was worth every penny. (Nuclear Kickass- check it out of you haven't already) She's beautiful, agile, skilled. She can be playful one moment and serious the next, wears a catsuit better than anyone, I could go on and on.

    2. Vixen: A veteran Kandygirl who only gets better over time. She's been here from nearly the beginning and I'm glad she stuck around. I remember seeing Vixen in Dukes of Kickass and her amazing fight scene at the end of that film in her catsuit and her hold on me never let go. Vixen also feels like the physically strongest Kandygirl and you feel it in every punch and kick she throws but she also balances it with refinement in her martial arts skills. Her trademark Kandygirl arrogance is well earned and I love how she beats men with a smile on her face.

    1. Kix: Could it be anyone else? I believe Kix has appeared in more films than any other Kandygirl and she is truly the heart of the site (besides Kandyman of course!). Quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality but in Kix's case there's a reason why we keep coming back to see her. Beautiful face and body, incredible martial arts skills, mindblowing outfits, she's done it all. Kix also displays a wide range of emotions too. Sometimes she's cocky, sometimes frustrated, and I really love that she gets angry and serious too sometimes. She's hands down the best fighter and never disappoints. I don't think anyone could ever take my top spot away from her.

    Anyway that's my list. Sorry if it's overly long but thank you to anyone who read it all the way through. I just got passionate when deciding my rankings. Again great thread idea @KhalilMack52

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    This is really interesting! Looking back over the years - i think it's 13 years so far! - I can't believe how many amazing Kandygirls we've worked with and there's still more to come!

  • My main critiria is attitude, skill, and kandygirl stunning looks. Kandyman has done an incredible job over the years to keep producing such incredible ladies. But if I had to rank them heres my top 10.

    1. Aish or Emanuella
    2. Sienna
    3. Diva
    4. Arya
    5. Amber
    6. Kix
    7. Eden
    8. Vixen
    9. Erica
    10. Blaze

    Again its really hard to rank them as they have all been incredible.
    These could all move around based on the movie too. I mean one of my favorite movies stars Skarlet.
    So this is very difficult to do and I still would move around a number of them based on movie.

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