Something Special

  • I created something a little special for the group WITH King Kandyman approval. Hopefully he'll posted it in the next few days.

  • @kicker24

    Dang....those girls can strut, and even better when it’s to AccaDacca.

    love your work Kicker24

  • Glad to see all the positive reaction. I tried to make it fun, and brief. Thanks everyone.

  • administrators

    It's an honour to have our stuff reworked by you guys. As I said to Kicker, as long as there are no chunks of our films played out then cutting it with music is fine and dandy. @grandmystique

  • @kicker24 that's brilliant! Thanks for sharing it :)

  • That is way too 'cool', actually pretty awesome.

  • @kicker24 awesome work Kicker. I was thinking about making a similar montage, all my films with my favourite knockouts! What tool did you use to edit ? I’d pass it by king kandyman before going ahead with anything. I was always curious if there were any thoughts of making a ‘best of’ movie. I remember a long long time ago seeing something similar.

  • administrators

    It is something special indeed! I love this, check out Kicker's tribute to Kickass Kandy @kicker24


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