Squeeze Him into Submission?

  • All of the Kandy Girls seem to be quite expert at getting their men to talk. Punches and kicks rule the day - after a few of either the men spill the beans. How about a nice, tight squeeze some time? Leg scissors, chokes, and even sleeper holds are very sexy and will force the boys to sing like birds. Once they get what they want, the Girls simply work their hold for a few more seconds and watch their victims pass out. What do you think?

  • Forget AJ?!?!?! Like that could ever happen!!!! I was hoping she would attend some more Hollywood Galas…wearing another dress like the one she wore last year. Talk about unforgettable...

  • We lurve yoooooooooooooooooooooou AJ!

  • Miss all you guys too and I'm truly flattered that you even remember my name as the Kandyman has kept me undercover for so long. Hopefully one day you can persuade him to get his ass over to LA and let me loose again!! I'm planning a little treat end of March…... ;-)


  • In Lybia is she? Can't talk about it? Hush Hush? Say No More Squire, we understand!

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    Well, since you so beautifully paint the scene Mooncatt, I'll stick one just like that in on our next shoot - may not be AJ though :)

  • I would rather see a quick neck snap / break to end the fight. This signals the ulitimate supremacy of the kick ass kandy girls. Prolonged scissors or choking is not what I want to see personally.

  • Yes to moderation - don't want to dumb down KAK to be like every other site out there. However, the leg scissors / sleepers are incredibly sexy and effective moves, so why not include a few? KAK is already worlds ahead with the girls and all-out fighting styles. Add in a few judo throws, some squeezes and the best is even better!

  • It's just another way of a superior woman overpowering and subduing an inferior man. As already mentioned, it needs to be used in moderation but could easily be added to a few fights here and there I suppose.

    For instance, lets say AJ has been sent to rescue George Osbourne from the clutches of a terror cell in Cheltenham.
    After two weeks of flatly refusing to do it, she finally agrees and once she's been shopping, met Kix for a coffee and had her driveway repaved, she storms the terrorists base, taking out each of them, room by room.

    How sexy would it be as she nears the final room to have to overpower a guard without risking alerting the remaining men holding Mr Poshbourne prisoner? As the guard patrols the coridoor outside he spots AJ and turns to run. But he's too late and she is already on his back, her strong yet slender arm snakes around his neck and she locks him up in an unescapable strangle hold. He panics and desperately claws at her arm, but as the life drains out of him he starts to slump to the ground. He makes one last effort to reach for the door before passing out. All the while AJ straddles his back as she carefully lowers his fast weakening body silently to the floor, a look of steely determination on her beautiful face.
    A trace of a smile across her scarlett lips, but a deadly, cold and unstoppable look of power in her eyes.
    Oh those eyes, you could drown in them or they could cut you in two. Either way, you're a dead man.

    I'd watch that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Its an interesting discussion and we're proud to be the only interactive site out there! we do listen, whether we act on it is another matter :)

    The leg scissors / sleepers debate is interesting because on the one hand Xenai Onatopp revolutionised the Bond franchise with one simple move that is probably more talked about than any other but on the other hand, is it interesting? Personally, I have seen many of our competitors films and feel its a big cheat to see a 7 minute film claiming to be action on sale for $7.99 that has majority leg scissor / sleeper hold. Its lazy film making, in my humble opinion. Don't get me wrong, they are effective moves when used in moderation but tends to be used to pad films out to take them into the higher price bracket.

    What does everyone else think?

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