FRIDAY 9TH APRIL.... New Kandygirl Release: Flex!

  • What's coming up Friday Kandyman?

  • Superb gymnastic kick fest by Flex

    Reminiscent of the beautiful skills of Diva. Great debut film.


  • this was awesome, and yes she mops the floor with the goons. I agree that someone this nimble and explosive deserves a more unique name! Dynamite was mentioned below and could work!

  • @kandyman

    is there more to come with her?

    that film was so sick

  • The video is as Excelent as i expected! its almost impossible to find anything not good to say about it (only weird thing is Flex hability to change her shoes in middle of the fight 🤣) but bassicly perfect video only missing maybe some moves that I personally love in the videos but is the best of the year by far.

  • administrators

    INTRODUCING BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL ........ FLEX!! She is explosive, she's got moves that will blow the roof off!!

  • @H-Kix-Forever that sounds better hehe

    psssttt @kandyman, write this, making a contest for a name of a new kandygirl... patent pending.

    imagine not having an actual idea and maybe i dont even know if this didnt happened before hahaha

  • It's a general purpose plastic explosive, but come to think of it it's probably a trade name so I guess that's out. Sam Tex? Okay, I'll give up on that one! How about Kaboomshka?

  • @H-Kix-Forever

    Dynamite could be an interesting name actual- Semtrex? what?

  • O my days. I imagine her name being something explosive, like Dynamite or Semtex perhaps.

  • I must say this looks incredible. 😮

  • @kandyman

    I know that i said this frequently (i actually said it seeing the first picture), but

    THIS LOOKS A B S O L U T E L Y NUTS. Im excited for all the videos and all the girls normally, but there's something different on this one. Something that makes me being even more excited than normally.

    Im not only hoping this is a great one, im almost praying it 🤣. Seriously this could be on my top 3 if its as good as it looks. And i mean it.

    PS: btw how is this new girl called if its not a problem?

  • Where in the hell do you find these beautiful, skilled, highly talented ass kicking women?

    I need to apparently visit the UK. Haha :)

  • administrators

    Oh go on then.......


  • @kandyman at least a couple of photos😜

  • @Chris247

    oh i would love that too

    please @Kandyman

  • @kandyman

    can we see trailer today? 🤔

  • Wow. I like what I see so far. Hopefully has that high kicking attitude. :)

  • oh. my. god.

    This looks absolutely (and i mean ABSOLUTELY) nuts.

  • administrators

    Someone new!!


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