The Frobisher Incident - Starring The Body and Agent Jessica

  • As her target made his way towards the tube station, the young woman followed him at a discreet distance. She wanted to be certain not to spook him into running before she got a chance to obtain the information she needed. She wandered casually along the pavement, blending in as best as she could with the Saturday afternoon shoppers. She was almost 100 percent certain he hadn’t spotted her. Mainly because the usual reaction from most men upon seeing her was to either stop whatever they were doing and start drooling or to stare intently at whilst walking into a lamppost. They certainly didn’t call her The Body for nothing.

    It would be unfair to have called her an exhibitionist; she certainly didn’t court the attention. But her antipodean upbringing had been based around long hot summers spent at the beach. As a child she was always off swimming or surfing. Days spent mountain biking through the wilderness then taking the boys on at rugby, cricket, football and wrestling. And she always won, she made sure of that. And it was that level of competitiveness that led her to train so hard and to always eat the right things at the right time. She had a figure and a physique to die for. As many men had found to their cost.

    But by her standards she had covered up today. The last text she received from The Kandyman before engaging the target this morning had expressly forbidden her from wearing her trademark hot pants. Instead she had opted for slim fit jeans and a strappy vest top. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in a shop window, deciding that she would do extra sessions on her abs for the next few weeks in preparation for her Birthday next month when she intended to drink nothing but beer and eat only BBQ’d swordfish.
    It wasn’t often she was able to let herself go, but now and again didn’t hurt.

    She hurried across the road and followed the target into the ticket office of the underground station. She held back to a safe distance, always making sure she kept the man in sight. She had to admit she was looking forward to introducing herself to this guy.
    His name was Frobisher and he was a very nasty piece of work. He was a freelance hit man and problem solver who made his services available to anyone who would pay the right price. Whether that be foreign governments, rich megalomaniacs or dissident terrorist cells, it really didn’t bother him. You see he liked his work, he was a man who took great pride in inflicting as much damage and pain on those he was hired to deal with.
    And he’d taken out three agents sent to deal with him yesterday at his hotel. And one of them was a friend of The Body’s, a man who she cared about a great deal. This was certainly on assignment she wasn’t going to hurry. No she was going to enjoy herself with this one.

    She followed him down the escalator and grabbed one of the discarded newspapers from a bench, pretending to flick through to the sports section as the train rolled into the platform. Frobisher took one last glance around him and seemed satisfied he wasn’t being followed, heading along the platform to the last carriage and boarding the train.

    The Body followed behind and joined the same carriage watching as he grabbed himself a seat at the expense of an elderly man who had entered by a different door. The carriage was fairly full and with no other seats on offer, the old man trudged down the train towards where she stood. She smiled at him as he went past and winked. This seemed to make the old guys day and he suddenly seemed to be trying to stand up straight but his frail frame wouldn’t allow him to do so for long.

    As the train arrived at Kings Cross the carriage started to empty and The Body soon realised that she was about to become very noticeable. Frobisher was now giving her several sideways glances and was starting to look a little uncomfortable.
    The Body needed to think fast, should she leave the train and hope to pick up his trail again later or should she just bluff it out and wait for him to make his move.
    As she contemplated the best course of action she noticed that herself and Frobisher were not the sole occupants of the train. At the very end of the carriage was a woman whose appearance was currently hidden behind a broadsheet newspaper. And it seemed Frobisher was just as interested in the woman’ identity as The Body was.

    Suddenly the woman lowered her newspaper and The Body momentarily froze, her mind trying to focus her thoughts on staying with the assignment. But currently all The Body could feel was anger. Because the woman staring back at her from the far end of the train was well known to The Body, in fact they had once been close friends. And it had been a long time since they had seen each other. But there was no denying the fact, it was Jessica.

    It took every bit of The Body’s training to stop her charging down the carriage and kicking that bitches head in. She had an overwhelming desire to knock her out and take her in to HQ. But she knew Frobisher was her responsibility and a lot of people were going to die if she didn’t deal with him and stop the information he had stolen from ending up in the wrong hands. But Frobisher no longer seemed interested in what The Body was up to, instead he was staring at Jessica. And it was obvious he recognised her and he was frightened.

    As the driver of the train announced it was ready to leave, Frobisher stood up and hurled his briefcase at Jessica, before turning and running for the door. The Body moved to block his path but she had underestimated the level of his terror and he was too quick for her. Momentarily she pondered the thought that the info she needed might actually have been in Frobisher’ case and she turned to look for it. As she did so, she felt the full impact of both Jessica’s knees hit her square on the jaw. The Body fell backwards as Jessica swung from the hand rails either side of the carriage, landing gracefully and running after her prey. The Body focussed her mind on the pain for a nanosecond before putting it out of her thoughts and flipping herself onto her feet and sprinting out onto the platform.

    There was no sign of either Jessica or Frobisher on the escalators and the young woman began to panic, thinking she had lost them. The anger once again bubbling up inside her.
    As she left the station she made a guess as to which way they might have gone and it seemed sensible to her that Jessica would have tried to get her target away from people if possible. She made her choice and jogged along to a turning which seemed to lead down to some warehouses. She turned another corner, just in time to see Jessica breaking Frobisher’ neck, allowing his limp and lifeless body to fall to the floor. The Body hid in an alcove and watched as Jessica slipped what looked like a small usb flash drive into the pocket of her jeans.

    The body could see that her one time friend had lost none of her arrogance as she casually wandered towards where she was hiding, looking as though she hadn’t a care in the world.
    Jessica didn’t have time to react as The Body sprang from the alcove and punched her on the nose. Sending her tumbling backwards to the ground. Trying to press home her advantage, The Body moved to straddle Jessica but the fallen girls instinct now kicked in and she met her attacker with a foot to the midriff, using The Body’s momentum to flip her over. The Body landed flat on her back, winded and a little annoyed that she had fallen for a basic Judo move. By the time she was up on her feet again Jessica was on the move and heading deeper into the Industrial estate.
    The Body raced after her, relentless in the pursuit of her one time friend and ally. It crossed her mind to call in back up. She knew what it would mean to AJ, Hi-Kix and Triple X to finally bring Jessica to justice. Even their newest protégée Vixen would have liked a chance to finally make Jessica pay for her betrayal. But calling for back up would involve stopping and being rational. And being rational wasn’t high on The Body’s agenda right now.

    The Body knew if Jessica escaped with the information it could potentially be worse than if Frobisher had managed to sell it on to his contacts, she had to stop the evil bitch any way she could. And she also knew that Jessica had made one mistake; there was no agent in the organisation that could out run The Body. She could have represented her country to Olympic level on the athletics field if she hadn’t been recruited to The KAK whilst still at University. She knew Jessica could move quick, but not quicker than her.

    She ran after her new target, all the time focussing her mind on the slowly tiring woman ahead of her. The humidity levels were enough to make standing still quite uncomfortable, so running in the afternoon sun was only something you could sustain for a short while before you naturally tired. Unless of course you were an annoyingly fit Australasian.

    She was making ground on the now tiring Jessica with every step and it took less than twenty seconds for her to close in on the English girl, tackling her round the waist and bringing her prey crashing to the ground. They landed in a heap next to some disused garages and The Body wasted no time in pressing home her advantage, quickly getting on top of Jessica and pinning her down. She sat on Jessica’s perfectly toned midriff and grabbed hold of her wrists, holding them to the ground either side of her victims head.
    Jessica snarled at the beautiful young woman and tried to free her arms. The Body grinned down at her prey and taunted her, “You never were a very good runner Jess, You didn’t really think you could beat me over open ground did you?”. Jessica stared deep into her one time friends eyes and replied, “Well I noticed you’d put on a little weight so I thought I’d risk it”. The Body glared back at her and shuffled up a little onto Jessica’s ribs before replying “You’re looking old Jess, what’s wrong? Betraying your friends, your country and every belief you ever claimed to hold dear taking its toll?”

    Jessica knew the one chance she had was to provoke The Body into making a mistake and by taunting her about her no existent weight gain, she’d already caused the young woman to unbalance herself. With a quick twist of her hips, Jessica was able to roll The Body off of her and twist her adversary over onto her back. In one fluid movement Jessica swung her leg over the woman’ waist and straddled her, sitting on the now somewhat surprised looking agent and returning the favour by pinning her flailing arms either side of her head. Jessica leant forwards and put her face inches away from The Body’s, “Listen you sanctimonious stuck up tart, don’t you dare judge me just because I showed a bit of initiative and decided to offer my services to a more appreciative type of client”, “You’d do well to follow my example or maybe you’re happy to know you’ve reached the limit of your potential?”.

    The Body snarled back at her and replied, “At least I’m not a middle class Daddies girl who never had any potential”. And before Jessica could reply, The Body swung her legs up behind her attacker and wrapped them around her. Using her strong legs to roll Jessica off, The Body leapt at her once close friend and they rolled over and over, each one unable to gain the advantage. Under normal circumstances their training would have lead them to hear the garage door opening and the laughter and heavy footsteps surrounding them, but each woman was so totally determined to best the other that they were unaware of the five young men currently watching them fight.

    It was only when the first of the men spoke that the two girls noticed they had an audience and disengaged from their struggles. Instantly the two agents training kicked back in and they sprang to their feet. In their heads the Body and Jessica carried out a tactical assessment of the situation. They were faced with five men, all aged twenty or above of muscular build. None of the men seemed armed but they all stank of alcohol and tobacco. Their positioning suggested no formal tactical training as they had left several paths of escape open to the girls. Obviously, they had no idea who they were dealing with.

    The man nearest to Jessica stepped forwards and stood close up against her, she tilted her head away from his foul breath and body odour. He grinned at her and laughed before speaking, “So ladies, what do we have here?” “Explain to me why two beautiful, sexy girls like you are wrestling on the ground outside a north London lock up?” His gaze moved from Jessica to The Body and back. “Maybe you’re fighting over a fella, is that it girls?” “Well he must be a lucky man to have too such fine women willing to fight for him, but as far as I can see he’s not here right now, which means the two of you are in a lot of trouble”. The rest of the men laughed and began to close in on the two girls.
    Jessica looked at The Body and signalled to her. It would have gone unnoticed to the untrained eye but Jessica was telling her old friend to go for the two nearest the garage doors. She would handle the rest.

    As the first man moved in to grab hold of Jessica, she side stepped him and delivered a pulverising chop to his neck. He instantly went down, gurgling something about not being able to breath. The second of Jess’s targets was momentarily stunned and she used this to her advantage, kicking him as hard as she could in the groin and following up with a vicious knee to the face. As he fell back, unsure of which bit of himself to hold first she swung a hefty right hook at her third target, the force of which actually lifted the man off his feet. He landed on the ground, winded and barely conscious.

    Jessica spun around, waiting for the second wave of attack. As she did so she witnessed The Body in full force, the young girl elbowed her first target in the wind pipe, before grabbing his head with both her hands and slamming his face into the nearby brick wall, dragging his face along the rough brick work and causing him to scream in agony.

    Letting go of him she turned her attention to assailant number two who by now looked far from interested in continuing the fight. She jumped up in the air and delivered a stunning kick to his head, breaking his jaw. She landed gracefully before punching him hard in the face, shattering his eye socket. She span his dazed form around and slammed him into the garage door, knocking him out cold. His pathetic body slid down the door, coming to rest on his knees.

    Meanwhile Jessica realised the braver of her targets was coming back for seconds and she span round kicking him twice to the head and once to the ribs, he slumped to the floor and began to cough up blood. Jessica put him out of his misery with a bone crunching final kick directly to his face. He slumped to the floor, a broken man.

    She walked calmly over to the smaller of her targets and knelt on his chest, grabbing the front of his t-shirt she began to deliver punch after punch until his face was a bloody pulp, his features barely recognisable.
    The body had returned her attention to her first victim by now and she was sitting on his back, working him over as he tried desperately to defend himself. But it was no use, from this angle all he could hope for was to shield his head from any more of those punches, but The Body knew how to hurt a man and she was making sure this guy would remember her for the rest of his life. She knew he’d had more than enough when he stopped physically shaking with every punch. She leapt to her feet, her instincts telling her to stay alert until absolutely sure the danger was over. She turned to see Jessica on top of the man, reigning blow after blow upon him. “Jess you can stop now” she said but Jessica wasn’t stopping. “Jess stop” she repeated before finally screaming “JESSICA FOR GODS SAKE STOP”.

    Jessica spun around to face The Body, her fist raised above her head, ready to continue her assault. The Body placed her hands upon her hips and tilted her head to one side before saying “I think he’s had enough don’t you?” . Jessica looked back at the bloody mess beneath her and her shoulders dropped. She stood up and bent over, putting her hands on her knees and inhaling deeply. She calmed herself down before meeting the Body’s expectant gaze. “They’re scum, what did you expect me to do? It’s my job to stop men like this”, she said. “Wrong”, corrected The Body “It used to be your job but you gave up on that to finance your little dreams of empire”. As Jessica geared up for another
    battle with her one time friend she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. The first of Jessica’s victims had regained the use of his limbs and was closing in behind The Body, armed with a large kitchen knife.

    Jessica knew she didn’t have time to reach him, instead all she could do was scream for The Body to drop down. The young Australasian lowered herself out of the way of the knife and elbowed her assailant in the groin. As he crumbled to the floor in agony she grabbed the knife from his hand and flipped him over onto his back. As his vision cleared the man saw the attractive girl stood over him. He tried to react as she placed her foot on his throat but he didn’t have the strength to resist her. The Body stared down at him and thought maybe Jess was right. Maybe she was wasting her time trying to keep scum like this safe from the horrors and maniacs intent on harming the country. As she put more of her weight on him she could see the genuine fear in his bulging eyes. She moved her weight back onto her other foot before stamping on his face, shattering the cartilage in his nose. The pain caused him to pass out and The Body took a step back from him, turning just in time to see Jessica disappear around the corner of the furthest warehouse. The young woman raised her eyes to the sky and thought to herself that today was really not turning out to be the greatest day of her life.

    But as she began to walk slowly back towards the tube station she noticed on the floor a small silver usb flash drive. She allowed herself a rueful smile and pocketed it. Reasoning Jessica must have dropped it during their brief wrestle. As she walked back to face the music her mobile rang. She didn’t have to look to know it was The Kandyman. But before she explained it all to him, she wanted a cold pint of lager. She knew he would forgive her that at least.

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