A Good Day Part One - Starring AJ and Vixen

  • AJ was feeling pretty content with herself as her car swept along the drive towards her
    palatial country home.
    The mid July afternoon sun was beating down through the windscreen and a welcome cool breeze was ruffling her hair as she cruised up towards the house.

    She knew she had been pushing herself hard these last few months, assignments in Italy, Japan, Argentina and most recently a very exhausting mission to Iran had started to take their toll and it was no surprise to her when the call came, summoning her to head quarters.

    AJ knew the Kandyman was right, deep down she agreed that she needed a break. A chance to recharge the batteries and maybe catch up on some of the multitude of things she knew needed sorting in her personal life.

    Things had not gone smoothly in Iran and although she made it out of the country safely along with the two MI6 agents she had been sent to rescue, a lapse in her concentration had left one of them with a permanent limp and a desk job for the rest of his career.
    Truth be told, she wasn’t sure if anyone could have spotted the last Revolutionary Guard up in the Airfield control tower before he sprayed their jeep with machine gun fire. But there was still just a little nagging voice in her head telling her she should have done better, should have been more careful. Action Jackson doesn’t make mistakes.

    The two Spooks were just so glad to be back at a British Airbase that they didn’t care even slightly about being shot at. The two of them were just grateful to her for saving their lives. And as she listened to her Boss telling her to take a few weeks out, she tried to argue and tell him he was wrong, that she was fine and she would be reporting for her assignment in Ireland the next afternoon.

    But she knew he was right, he normally was when it came to what was best for his girls as he liked to call them. And he had reassured her by assigning the Belfast mission to Hi-Kix. AJ knew she could relax, yet even as he tried to usher her out the door, she couldn’t help but question him about the other girls.

    The Kandyman smiled and reassured her that The Body was tying up the last few loose ends of the Nuclear test site threats in Korea. And XXX was no doubt well on top of things in Canada, where she was assigned as personal protection officer to one of the young Princes. This gave AJ quite the mental image, which she tried to erase thinking it could well be treasonous. That left Vixen as the duty agent on call. And AJ knew she could handle whatever might crop up.

    As the Kandyman gently pushed her from his office out into the reception area she tried to tell him to warn Kix about how useless the Police liaison officers were now since the disbandment of the RUC, but he simply placed a finger softly to her lips, kissed her on the forehead and closed his office door. AJ stood for a moment, trying to decide if she should go back in and argue her case. But she knew he was right, she did need a rest and besides, not much ever made her boss change his decisions once his mind was made up.

    As her car came softly to a halt outside the house, she wasn’t totally surprised not to see her butler Jarvis waiting for her. After all, he wasn’t expecting her back from her London apartments for another week, but she still felt he should have at least noticed the security gates opening at the end of the drive.

    She climbed gracefully from the car and walked up the steps to the main entrance and once inside made straight for the grand staircase. She wanted to grab a shower as soon as possible after the long, hot drive up from town and she missed her creature comforts that she had never really found in the busy, sprawling metropolis that was Greater London.

    As she made her way across the landing to her bedroom she at last tracked down the location of her middle aged family butler. Jarvis was standing in the middle of her bedroom floor and he looked a mixture of several emotions as he saw her arrive. She walked straight up to him and stood less than a foot away from him before speaking.

    “Jarvis, take off my shoes”, she said in a commanding tone. The slightly portly man did as he was instructed without even a moments hesitation. “Now take off my dress”, she commanded. He did as instructed, letting the dress fall to the softly carpeted floor.
    “Now take off my stockings”, again he did as he was told. “Good, now remove my suspender belt”, she ordered. The man did so without question. All the time she held the man in a steely glare. “Now take off my bra”, she said. He quickly unhooked it and expertly removed it in one fluid motion. Finally she commanded him “And now take off my knickers”. The by now red faced man did so and folded the tiny lingerie neatly before placing them upon the bed. AJ continued to stare directly at him before saying “And never, ever let me catch you wearing them again”. “Yes Miss AJ, I mean No Miss AJ”, replied the butler as he called on every ounce of his Butler training to ignore the fact that he was now stark naked in front of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

    AJ turned and walked towards the en suite bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower and then I would like a bottle of something French and white on the terrace with a good book”, she said over her shoulder. “Certainly Miss AJ”, replied Jarvis as he hurriedly struggled back into his uniform. AJ wondered if it might not be time to retire Jarvis and get someone new into the role, but she instantly dismissed the idea. Despite his transvestite tendencies, Jarvis was widely regarded as the best Butler in England. She made a mental note to buy him some dresses next time she was in Milan and turned on the shower.

    After an indulgently long time beneath the warm powerful spray of her shower, she stepped from the en suite wet room and padded herself dry with a towel before leisurely wandering into the walk in closet. She chose herself a white, silk teddy with matching knickers and admired herself in the full length mirror. For the first time in ages she took a really good, long look at her reflection. She looked tired and also a little thin. Maybe a few weeks of Jarvis’ home cooking would have her back in shape.

    As she walked back into the main bedroom she froze instantly as she came face to face with three large Ninjas. Each of the men wore the traditional black Japanese outfits, leaving only their eyes as the uncovered parts of their powerful looking figures.
    Each of the men stood rigid yet seemed somehow relaxed in their demeanor.
    AJ tried to do the same but it had taken her by surprise to find that three men had made it past her security measures and managed to evade Jarvis before entering her bedroom without her noticing or at least hearing something. Maybe her confidence was going slightly, but AJ felt something she hadn’t felt for a very long time. She felt fear and even though it was the tiniest flicker, it was enough to put her on the back foot for a moment.

    Then she noticed the figure of Jarvis through the bedroom door. He was laying face down on the thick landing carpet. He had a trickle of blood running from his temple down into the collar of his immaculate white shirt. That was all the beautiful young blonde needed to snap her out of whatever tricks her mind was playing on her.

    She instinctively grabbed a vase from the nearby chest of drawers and hurled it at the farthest assailant. His training kicked in and he swatted it away with ease but the flight of the object distracted the other two men fractionally, which was all AJ needed. She darted forwards and kicked the first Ninja in the head, flipping him sideways and into the bedroom wall. The second assassin sprang forwards and lifted himself up in the air, aiming his sword down towards her neck. AJ span out of the way and used her momentum to flip around behind her attacker, grabbing him around the throat with one arm and reaching around his face with the other. He sensed what she was about to do, but his reflexes just weren’t good enough to stop her. She snapped his head to one side, violently breaking his neck. She let his limp and lifeless body fall to the floor as the third assassin moved slowly towards her, his approach pattern suggested an arc, which AJ assumed meant he would attack her from her left. She dived forwards and rolled over the body of her last assailant, coming to rest on her haunches. She waited there, coiled like a spring. The first Ninja darted towards her, his sword flashed through the air as he bore down upon her. She sprang upwards to meet his attack and moved inside the arc of his weapon, jabbing her fingers hard into his windpipe. The violence of the blow caused him to lose his balance mid air and he landed in a heap on the floor. She quickly moved to stand over him, grabbing the ceremonial knife he wore in his belt and throwing it away from his grasping hands. The man tried to turn himself onto his side and get some momentum, but despite his training he wasn’t able to regain his footing and the man felt a strong sense of frustration as she pushed him onto his back and placed the flat of her palm up against his chin. Their eyes met briefly and she sensed a feeling of respect from him. Almost as if his eyes were saying he understood he had been beaten by the better fighter. That he was going to die with honor. AJ held his gaze for a second before pulling her arm back and slamming her palm into the underside of his throat. She recognized the sound of his vertebrae snapping as she let his lifeless frame fall to the carpet.

    Standing up as tall and straight as she could, she looked directly at the final assailant.
    He seemed unconcerned with the ease at which the sexy young blond girl before him had dispatched his comrades. He simply stood there, arms folded as he watched AJ move away from her latest victim and walk towards him. Even AJ had to admit the speed of his attack had taken her by surprise. In a split second she found herself thrown backwards by the force of his boot hitting her midriff and she lay on her bed, winded and in quite some pain. He was quickly atop her, pinning her on her back and securing her arms beneath his strong legs. He raised his sword high up above his head and looked her straight in the eyes before speaking, “The Evil Of The Night Waits For You Action Jackson”.
    The man raised himself up onto his knees and stabbed downwards with his sword, directly towards her undefended throat. But his change of position was all the young blonde had been waiting for. She quickly raised her strong, tanned and toned legs up behind him and slid her feet up to his shoulders, pushing with all her strength she propelled the man forwards and he landed in a heap on the floor. She flipped over backwards and slid from the bed on top of him and quickly locked her legs around his neck. Trapping his head between her thighs, she grabbed both of his wrists in her hands and began to choke him. He struggled vainly for a few minutes and AJ waited for his lungs to begin to burn before questioning him. “Who sent you here? What did you mean with all that Evil of the night rubbish?”, she demanded. But the man just stopped struggling and waited to die. AJ knew she was unlikely to get a Ninja to talk with just a head scissors, even if she was in her underwear. She locked her ankles together and twisted her hips to one side. The mans neck broke cleanly and quickly. She unlocked her legs and lifted herself up onto his prone body, sitting full weight on his ribs, she removed his face mask. She guessed he must have been about thirty years old. Quite handsome, his features had an air of nobility about them. She studied his lifeless eyes, wondering what or who had ordered an attempt on her life. She knew she would find out eventually, but right now all that mattered was Jarvis. She hurried over to him and rolled him onto his back. He groaned and AJ could have screamed out loud. She had been genuinely concerned that he was dead, but as she cradled his dazed form in her arms she felt an enormous sense of relief flood through her. She rested his fragile head in her lap and stroked his forehead. And that was how the response team found her an hour later. Still nursing the unconscious form of her beloved Butler.

    Having reached inside his jacket pocket and pressed the emergency pager button Jarvis himself wore but had no chance to activate, she had summoned help from Kandy HQ. All security systems at AJ’ home were directly linked to head quarters and she knew help would be on the way as soon as she activated it. She allowed herself a rye smile as the six male agents charged into the house and ran about the place, pointing their guns in all directions and shouting “All Clear” to no one in particular.

    As they response team appeared at the top of the stairs the lead man yelled “Agent Secure” into his lapel microphone. AJ stared at them all, “You’re a bit late fella’s, but only by an hour”. The security men hurried into the bedroom and each took it in turns to point their guns at the various corpses within. AJ tried to block out the shouts of “All Clear” and “Go Go Go” from her bedroom and was relieved to see a paramedic crew appear at the top of the stairs. She slid herself out from where Jarvis lay and let the crew do their job. As she stood watching the still unconscious form of Jarvis being lifted onto the stretcher, she felt a comforting arm slide around her shoulders. She turned to see Vixen smiling back at her. “Hey honey, you been playing with mysterious Asian types again?”, asked Vixen. AJ managed a smile and she tilted the young woman’s face upwards by placing her index finger under Vixens chin. She looked into the Lancashire lasses eyes for a few seconds before replying, “It’s good to see you again young padwan”. Vixen grinned at the Star Ward reference and the two girls hugged.

    They watched as Jarvis was carried down the stairs and Vixen held AJ’s hand. Jarvis had legendary status in the hallowed halls of Kandy HQ and although she had never met him, she knew just what he meant to AJ. As the medics disappeared out of sight, the two girls moved into the bedroom where the suited security agents were trying to come up with a fair and straight forward method of deciding who should check AJ’s knicker draw for surveillance devices. Vixen decided it was probably best if the response team investigated another part of the house. “I’ve done a sweep of the perimeter for you gentleman and I’ve secured the main gates. Perhaps you could carry out a detailed search of the residence?” she ordered. The men filed out of the room and instantly started charging up and down, kicking doors open and shouting “All Clear” at each other.

    “I’ve got to admit I don’t much fancy the drive back to London with that lot tonight, I’ll stay here if that’s ok?” asked Vixen. AJ smiled and nodded. She knew she wouldn’t be able to talk Vixen out of it and she could do with some girly company.

    It was a few hours and two bottles of wine later that Vixen watched AJ drift off to sleep.
    She watched her friend curled up on the sofa and waited to make sure she was one hundred percent asleep before walking silently out to the terrace to check in with the two security agents she had requested remain. They were holding a regular, military patrol pattern which Vixen recognized from her time training with the Parachute regiment.
    The lads in 3Para had been sorry to see her go at the end of that week. Once she was satisfied that everything was in order, the sexy young blonde walked back into the living room and draped a cover over the sleeping form of AJ. Then she settled back down into her armchair and slowly closed her eyes. Tomorrow would be a different day. And they were going to get AJ sorted before they tracked down whoever it was that had sent assassins after her. And then there was going to be some payback. Of this, Vixen was certain.

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