A Female Special Forces

  • Hello guys...!

    I might ask everyone:

    1- What kandygirls...? you might want to watch doing the roleplays, only 2 girls 1 blonde and 1 brunette.

    2- What outfits you might want both girls to wear, on my Doll Squad stories, girls wear:

    A- camo bodysuit (military-style, different colors) berets, belts, gloves, boots (red or black color), also a Russian style with ushanka (red or black) with black or suntan fishnet tights or camo catsuit,

    B- Black bodysuit (hologram, to ninja style), black gloves, black headband, black belts, black boots, black fishnet tights, or black catsuit

    C- A brand new from my last story that I finished 2 days ago, The Siberian Doll Squad: white bodysuit, red gloves, white ushankas, red belts, red boots suntan fishnet tights, also white catsuit.

    Fighting skills: here comes the good, these girls hit and hit hard, here their arsenal: punches, elbows, karate chops (singles and doubles, be careful can knockout you with only one), an arsenal kicks (all styles), and knee, headbutts (these girls have a hard head), arm lock (sleeper hold plus neck breaker), scissor holds (strangles plus neck breaker, to quick target elimination or interrogation) scissor hold include a lot of variants, standing scissor, front scissor, elevated scissor, hand-standing scissor hold. etc...etc.

    Below a drawing about the Doll Squad main outfit.

  • @Panda I can't show all full outfits here (website privacy) but will show one so everyone can take to look at the right outfit with a variant (black beret, black gloves, and black belt, black booties (not keen high boots) shiny pantyhose (not fishnet pantyhose). Kandyman already has some pics and will have full script information about it. I already financed around 56 custom videos (photosets included), I not new in this, I'm an old guy on this...! with good and bad experiences (a website didn't shoot a custom video but it if took my money - Australia website)

    As I had said I know Kandyman many years ago since 2009 when he started working with this stuff, Kandyman already sent me a file about his kandygirls and he will read a script soon.

  • @Vikingo all the wardrobe concepts sound very appealing. If you’re financing a kustom then of course you and the K’man will make the wisest choice between you.

    In my very humble opinion: outfit C > outfit B > outfit A.

    Bottom line…..I’m going to buy the film once it’s on the website!

    Good luck


  • @Abercorn I have almost all kandyman videos, and I know about him about a long time ago when he started with AJ, HI KIX, and The Body. Yeah, I have CARI on the main list for the blonde one member, I watched 2 videos with her a time ago.

  • Me personally would have the girl wear camo mini skirt

  • That outfit in the picture looks amazing! I love the idea of a tight camo bodysuit/catsuit with boots. It adds to the narrative of them being a deadly military force while also looking feminine and sexy. Honestly, I'd be happy to see any Kandygirls in this concept because they're all great. I'd love to see Cari and Montana take on the role if I really had to choose. (My first thought would be Kix and Vixen but I think the newer Kandygirls should have a chance to shine)

  • @ajunk1759, This is a new concept, kandyman already have videos with secretary outfits and catsuit, also the theme is a "Female Special Forces Team", on my stories yeah there is an Episode #4 “Prison Riot” where the girls are wearing secretary outfits (female reporters) to infiltrate a prison and after kicks some ass, they take off their secretary outfits to their combat outfits and still kicking ass.

  • of course the final say is up to you, but i'd like B the most, one girl wearing a secretary outfit (black tights and heels) and the other one wearing a black catsuit

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