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  • I've been looking for mixed fighting sites that are up to par with the standards of Kickasskandy/Tozani (fightinflex now) but have had trouble finding videos just as good.

    Are there any hidden gems lying around? Or are mixed fighting productions going out?

  • One last follow-up anyone know what happened to fightinflex.com? I had a custom with them back in March had pictures of custom was about to get custom and then I stopped getting emails. Anybody know what might have happened to the owner Antoine

  • Consistency for the last 10 years is how I’d define it. Every two weeks you get a superior update, I won’t bash other sites because I think there’s a few good ones out there, but some have long long breaks between updates. Or you get a ton everyday but the quality isn’t as great. I love the consistency of kickasskandy. If you want some other names of sites start in the links of the site and if you still have questions shoot me an email on the site.

    As always keep up the good work.

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    I just think there's nothing on par 😜@brickoven12

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