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    AJ is still deep deep under cover…..

  • AJ - ok - you haven't gone soft in Hollywood - beating down the wild kingdom has clearly kept you busy. But what about the secret action photos you promised by the end of March? I've been glued to this space for two months now and am still waiting. A beautiful woman always keeps her promises - right?

  • Martin Tyler…"Oh, and Rob Green's let it in! It's a howler! And the USA are level!"

    Sorry, but being a football fan from the USA, I couldn't pass this up. We have so few good moments.

  • ..and there were elephants, rhinos and crocodiles too - of course!!


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    yeah, the less said about that "small competition" the better! Everything AJ says if true of course, I have the letters from the shark's Lawyers seeking compensation for physical and psychological damage as well as loss of earnings. Can't wait to see the film!!

  • @msemmapeel:

    AJ's gone soft in Hollywood? She never needed a stunt double at KAK - though her male victims could have used some!

    Oh bless msemmapeel - Kandyman taught us Kandy Girls that undercover means undercover! ;-). Besides while Rosy was riding the tube I was wrestling with the sharks that came in for the tuna run and then on land dealing with hordes of football fans who turned up in South Africa at the same time as us for some strange reason!!! I think there was some small competition going on…..

    :-)) AJ

  • AJ's gone soft in Hollywood? She never needed a stunt double at KAK - though her male victims could have used some!

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  • Aj only gets better! Love the long hair and the shape of that girl! Can't wait for the new action photos…still dealing with the old ones.

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    Your secret is safe with me….just not sure about the others :) Such will be the anticipation for such photos that we may have another Egyptian / Libyan revolution on our hands if we can't see them! Thanks for the birthday greetings... the religion of Kandyism declares it is celebrated for the whole week - its not too late to jump on a plane and join the Kandy team for tomorrow night's gala dinner!....unless you're off to the Oscars that is :)


  • Seemed to spend most of the movie wet….:-)

  • OOOh thanks KandyMan - especially for you as a Happy Birthday treat!! Hope it was a fabulous day for you. In fact, if it was, you probably don't remember it ;-))

    Great to see all the amazing new girls in action and sssh keep this a secret but I might just be sending some great new action photos your way by the end of March…watch this space...;-))

    Love to all

    AJ :-))

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