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    It's been a few years and it's time to freshen up KICKASSKANDY and KICKASSFEMMES. There won't be anything drastically changing for you guys but for me it will be so much more user friendly! As I went through each film i was amazed to see how many Kandygirls we'd worked with over the past 13 years, on Kickasskandy alone we've worked with 53 different Kandygirls!!

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    It'll allow us to do some promotions at last! apart from that it's all behind the scenes - t's made order from chaos that's been piling on top of more chaos for the past 5 or 6 years!

  • @kandyman i cant wait to see how it looks

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    Thanks. It's an update that we desperately need for Kickasskandy - we're also going to update Kickassfemmes and then, who knows, maybe we should work on a 4th website one day.... (Kandy Crisis being No3 of course).

  • Congrats on the upcoming website!

  • Earning income by doing something that you really like does not happen to many people. You are most fortunate. Enjoy. @max-91f

  • i can tell about starting filming as a hobby @kandyman , im filming but in the sports scene, i started in 2009 as a hobby and around 2012 i realized that i could make it my job. almost 10 years later (through global pandemic in the middle) and here i am still doing it (and i can say that actually helps getting some videos sometimes, is hard being in south america with all the taxes paying on a foreign currency but i do my best to buy them)

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    I know! When we started out it was just a hobby.... I never thought we'd create something this much fun! @max-91f

  • @kandyman so you can say that on next year you will celebrate 15 years already! damn what a trip

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    Wellll actually we started pre-production in late 2007 so it's even longer! @JadeOwl

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    Damn! 13 years. I didn't realize it had been this long!

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    YES! @Jacques

  • @Jacques said:

    Does this mean we can count on a minimum of 13 years of your awesome videos

    Well this is actually true, as KAK exists since 2008. Im sure that there were more than 53 KG, but who cares, the fact that you worked with so many KG's is just mindblowing. And more to come for sure.

    Good luck with the new website as im sure that i will look great.

    *As a suggestion of something that's popular on this last years, i will love if the site has a dark theme (either on an official site design or as a theme as many sites have it)
    -And something that im sure that i said before, but i feel the intro needs a refresh too. I know that it can look awesome.

  • It’s certainly been a fantastic ‘ride’. Quite phenomenal to have kept such a high quality website running for so long.

  • Does this mean we can count on another at least 13 years of your awesome videos

  • 🤔 Sounds interesting Kandyman. 53 beautiful ladies over 13 wonderful years. I look forward to seeing the new changes

  • @kandyman

    When does this happen?

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