NEW KANDYGIRL LUNA! starring in Elite Kickass.... and it's in 4K!

  • With a new site update coming soon.and possibility of preview of this comings Friday

  • Loved the 4K and loved the beret & thigh high boots combination. Luna’s a woman of few words, leaving her fists to do all the talking in this film. So many good things in this film

  • Ay caramba! This girl's the bees knees! I bagsy first place in her queue of devotees! 😍

  • administrators

    We are now shooting all in 4K from now on.... but releases will still come in different sizes depending on when they were shot. @max-91f

  • Btw, this 4K video is for one time for now? or from now on all the videos will come on that great quality?

  • damn she looks incredible. Can't wait to buy it the first chance I get

  • wow, a site refresh, a new kandygirl. first 4k video... it feels like a special month for @kandyman !

  • I have seen an unreleased video filmed in 4K, it’s amazing and a wow very cool@Panda

  • She looks hot Kandyman. 4K should look amazing…..I’m worried I might have a seizure!

  • administrators

    All of the above PLUS we've been off shooting a new film today! .... well, tomorrow is something special, not only do we have a brand new kandygirl LUNA but it's also 4K!

    ELITE KICKASS trailer

  • there's two chances, Kandyman is busy working on the refresh of the website and thats why there's no preview, or exactly for that maybe this week there's no video... we'll see tomorrow, or even later today who knows

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