Peaky Kickass

  • I was just looking back over some previous KAK films that I purchased when I came across "Peaky Kickass".

    Wow! I'd forgotten how good this one is. Brooke is stunning in her leotard and boots outfit as she casually beats up various goons in what looks like a pole-dancing studio.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of other KAK films featuring her?

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    thanks mate! @Jacques

  • It's character building on my part. It's a good COVID activity. BTW, your revamped website is absolutely amazing, stunning as well.@kandyman

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    I've been marvelling at your diplomacy on that 'other forum' over the past week Jacques 😆@Jacques

  • If that doesn't work, there is another way. However you would have to go to another forum. Just ignore 90 per cent of the posts😆

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    I can help you there!

    If that doesn't work just stick BROOKE into the search bar on the home page.



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