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    You've probably noticed it looks a little different but not too different! It should be as easy as ever to navigate, the most important update is behind the scenes where it's all neat and tidy and much easier for me to use. This site will give me a few funky new features like a PROMO BAR which will appear sporadically at the foot of the home page offering some enticing new promotions and the Customs Page will actually allow me to feature who exactly is available in each given season. So WELCOME TO YOUR NEW AND IMPROVED KICKASSKANDY EXPERIENCE!

  • @kandyman ohhhh ok ok i understand.

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    That logo has changed throughout the site, the Forum is the last thing we're working on. There are lots and lots of glitches to work out but eventually there should be all the girls videos within the girls section. Not every girl has her own section though. @max-91f

  • Looks great! Its not a super incredible change but its enough to like it even more.

    I like that the videos section of the site has more pages to not put a full page of like 80 videos, and i like that the videos have a red "film+photoset" in the case they have that on the pack.

    The only two things to make even the site better for me:

    The logo on the site (just because says 10 years when you're almost on 15 hehe)

    I think some of the girls pages are not showing any videos/i think there are like... too much girls missing on the section (but maybe that could be something that you're currently working on)

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    Glad you like it Panda!

  • Looks great Kandyman and seems to be really easy to navigate around. Now I can find all my favourite kandygirls’ films on one page. Well done indeed

    One Q though? As a longtime purveyor of the site, I assume I need to still ‘sign up’ for the special offers that is at the bottom of most web pages?


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