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    Cooking scallops is a tricky proposition, Holly thought as she studied the pan on her stove. Cook them too much and they are rubbery and tough; too little and you've got yourself a case of food poisoning. She found herself glancing at the clock repeatedly, counting down the minutes.

    The sound of the front door opening, then closing, alerting her to the fact that Alan was now home. She heard the footsteps in the hall as they approached the kitchen, shortly followed by the door opening.

    "Good evening," She said without looking up at him. "Good day at work?"

    "Passable," Alan replied as he placed his briefcase on the table. "Scallops?"

    "Yes - the pasta is almost done so you've got about three minutes before dinner is ready." Holly replied. He grunted something and then retreated from the room. Holly looked up and watched him leave, then cast a glance down at the briefcase on the table. She scowled for a moment before she picked it up and deposited it by the doorway. Returning to the grill, the sound of her phone buzzing drew her attention away from the pan for a moment. "Hello?" She hissed at the unknown number.

    "Holly, this is Control." The voice made her stop in her tracks instantly.

    "Yes." She responded, her tone flat.

    "We need you to advance to the endgame tonight. The planning and preparation is complete; we need to know where they've got to at this stage."

    "Understood," She replied. "I assume that liquidation is the acceptable outcome?"


    "Very well," She answered, looking back at the briefcase. "Consider it done."


    They ate in comparative silence. Neither of them spoke much - he due to the regular routine of daily decompression; she as a result of her mind formulating a plan. The food was well prepared, although Holly noted that she thought the scallops may have been overcooked slightly. She paused for a minute as she took a sip from her wine glass, taking her time to appraise her husband. Alan Bancroft was - at 50 years old - a full thirteen years older than her. Their whirlwind of a marriage was less than two years old and Holly had long dispensed with any notion of activity within the bedroom at her own choosing. Her own occupation as a yoga instructor and personal trainer provided her with ample distractions outside their home that she took advantage of. The sound of Alan coughing momentarily broke her concentration.

    "Are you okay dear?" She enquired, his cough persisting.

    " there something wrong with the wine?" His words stuttered out of his mouth.

    "Well, there's nothing wrong with mine," Holly said as she stood up, pushed her chair out from the dinner table and moved around it. "However, yours is drugged." She added in a matter-of-fact tone.

    "What?" Alan spat, confusion washing over his face at the same time as he struggled to control the coughing fit.

    "Oh yes, and in about fifteen seconds you'll be..." he tried to stand as she spoke, only to fall face down to the floor. "...unconscious." she finished. Placing her glass down on the table, She ran her hand through her hair. "Right, onto phase two."


    It took him a minute for his eyes to adjust to the light. Or rather, the lack of light. Struggling to his feet, Alan found himself reaching out with his hands as if to feel his way around the room. Stumbling after a few steps, his hands found the wall. For a moment, he felt a wave of relief.

    "I wouldn't bother looking for an exit," The voice cut through his thoughts. "You won't find it." Alan turned in the direction of the voice, his eyes beginning to adjust to the low level ambience. He could just about make out a figure across from him, cloaked in the shadows. The voice was instantly recognisable to him, yet it carried a tone, an edge, he'd never heard before.

    "Holly...? Holly, what's going on?" The words bumbled from his mouth. Slowly the lights in the room were raised. He saw her seating in the corner, dressed in what appeared to be a tight fitting all-in-one costume that was black in colour. As his eyes continued to adjust, he realised she was actually wearing a leotard and a pair of leggings. Whilst the leotard itself was plain black, the opaque nature of the material in the leggings seemed to accentuate the muscles in her legs, even down to her feet that were covered by the same material. The waspishly thin waist flared out at her hips to a degree he'd never really noticed before. Her arms looked particularly lean and well defined as they were folded across her chest while she appraised him. "Where...what is this place?"

    "This? This is my private yoga studio - you know, the one you so kindly financed about eighteen months ago," She said as she brushed a loose strand of her brown hair out of her face. "Which I don't believe I ever really thanked you for properly..." She said as got up and she walked into the centre of the room. There was something about the way she walked that unsettled Alan, something predatory almost. She moved with a grace that he'd never noticed before, it was almost mesmerising.

    Up until the point when her foot shot up and connected with the underside of his chin. He crashed down to the floor in a heap.

    "What the...?" Alan began to splutter, only for his words to be cut off by two sharp punches to his face. Holly dropped down onto his chest.

    "Oh, come on Alan, you didn't think I married you for your looks did you?" She cooed as she grabbed his shirt collar, pulling him up from the floor to drive another punch into his face. In his dazed state, he could barely comprehend what was happening to him. "Come on, where's the fight in you?" Holly taunted as she pulled his head back up off the floor. She swung her body around, wrapping her legs around his neck. Holding him in a front-facing headscissor, Holly squeezed the muscles in her thighs, instantly trapping his neck firmly between them. It took less than five seconds for him to begin to slap frantically at her legs. "Oh please, this is nothing Alan. I could kill you right now, it would be so simple for me to just keep increasing the pressure between my thighs..." Holly then twisted her hips, just enough to prove her point to Alan. "Or snap your neck," she giggled as his face started to turn red.

    She held him there for a few more seconds before releasing him. His head snapped back to the floor. In between coughing and spluttering, Holly got up off his chest and moved away from him, her feet padding across the floor. Alan rolled onto his side, just about catching her moving around him from his prone position.

    "What...what is going on Holly?" He struggled to get the words out. She paused her routine of pacing around him in a position where he could see her.

    "Well, it's simple Alan," She replied. "You have something that I, well, no, actually my employers want." He looked confused. She tilted her head to the left, mirroring his body's movement. "Oh, don't act all coy now Alan. I know you're in charge of Special Projects - and that you've been carrying around the detailed schematics of the Zero Point Generator in that briefcase of yours for weeks now," Holly broke her gaze with him to take a short hop towards him, then followed up by driving her foot straight into his crotch. Alan cried out in pain. She followed it up with another kick to his groin, prompting more howls of pain. "Upon opening it, they've discovered your notes are in some sort of code," A third, powerful kick was driven into his groin. "Now, if you'd kindly tell me what the cipher is I can pass that information on to my colleagues and they can make sense of them all."

    Alan rolled around the floor, clutching his crotch as he cried out in pain. Holly took a step back, placing her hands on her hips as she did so and admired her work. She had to admit that she felt an illicit thrill inflicting pain upon him, maybe more so than normal. She watched him roll around for a few moments before repositioning herself, then taking a short run up and powering a kick into his head.

    "Come on Alan, give me something to work with," she chuckled as she circled around him. He was clutching his face - for a moment Holly thought she could see blood coming from his nose. He muffled something through his hands. She shook her head. "I can't hear you," She added as she dropped behind his back. Pulling him up by his shirt collar again, she knelt behind him, snaking her right arm across his neck and locking it in place with her left, pressing it tightly against the back of his head. He began to gag and gurgle almost immediately. "Now, I can be reasonable Alan. You give me what I want..." she tightened her grip further, his hands flailing at her arm, trying to release it. "...and I won't choke you to death." Holly chuckled. She held him in the vice like grip just tightly enough to keep him on the edge of passing out while she counted to thirty in her head before letting him go. Holly let him slump back down on the floor in front of her.

    "You really are pathetic." She spat as she threw several well timed rabbit punches into his kidneys. The sound coming out of his mouth now was more like a wounded animal than a man. As he arched his back away from her to try and shield them, she caught his left wrist in her hand. "You know, I'm told this is quite painful..." she pushed her finger into a soft, flabby part of his wrist just beneath his palm. Alan suddenly felt shocks of pain shooting up his arm like he was being electrocuted. "It's a pressure point - apparently if I massage it it's quite arousing...however I prefer this version of it." His mouth opened in a wordless cry as she held his wrist in this excruciating grip for what felt like a lifetime, but was in reality less than ten seconds.

    Holly dropped his arm to his side and stood up. She walked around him, circling him time and again. He writhed and twitched on the floor, his left arm flopping uselessly beside him now. Holly stepped back from him for a moment, moving back across the room and grabbing the chair. She carried it across and dropped it down next to him, allowing her to mount it backwards and fold her arms across the back of it as she observed him. His body twitched and convulsed spasmodically, yet she could see he was beginning to regain some sort of control over his motor functions. A thin, evil smile drifted across her lips. "Come on Alan, tell me what the cipher is."

    "" the word barely escaped his lips in between deep huffs of breath. Holly shook her head.

    "Alan...Alan...Alan..." She said as she got up from the chair. "That's really not what I'm looking for," She grabbed his right arm and forcibly lifted him to his feet. She looked at him and began to slap his face. Left followed right, followed left then right. "Come on Alan, talk to me..." Holly's slaps began to become more forceful. "You know, we need to work on our communication..." As her left hand struck his face once more, Alan seemed to find some inner strength and grabbed her right wrist. At the same time, he tried to swing her around, partially succeeding and throwing her against the wall. As she hit the wall Holly failed to suppress an excited giggle. She watched as Alan bolted to the far side of the room, desperately searching for a door.

    Holly shook out her shoulders and watched as Alan turned to face her again. She could see that he was angry now, there was a fire in his eyes as he moved towards her. She mirrored him, his arms reaching out. He was going to try and grab her and throw her to the floor, that was it, he thought. Throw her to the floor and try to immobilise her. As he got into range, Alan lunged at her. However he found himself grasping at thin air, then he felt two hands grab his left arm and shoulder followed a moment later by the sensation of a leg being positioned behind his. The next thing he was aware of was falling before striking the floor once more. The grip on his left arm remained, dragging him back up to his feet. Holly twisted her body, throwing her hip into him and using it as a pivot point, slamming him back into the floor once more. She repeated this three more times before releasing him, her laughter filling the room.

    "Oh Alan, you have no clue at all, do you?" He felt groggy as he struggled to focus on her. "Whatever brute strength you think you possess is no match for my knowledge of martial arts. I don't need to hit you hard because I know where to hit you to cause the maximum amount of damage." She was dancing on her feet as she looked at him. "I mean, you can try to fight me, but it won't end well for you." Alan reached up, searching for something in vain to support his body. His hand found the edge of the chair. For a moment he thought about throwing it at Holly, however the pain in his hips and back told him otherwise. He hauled himself up onto it, slumping back as best as he could. Holly looked at him, cocking her head to the side and pouting. "Aww, you look like you're about done."

    She walked towards him and proceeded to sit on his lap. His breathing was laboured and she could see that the flesh above his left eye was badly swollen. She tapped his cheeks lightly, almost playfully. "What about it Alan, you ready to give me that code?" She cooed as she sat there. Alan mumbled and muttered, incoherent and garbled. "You know, this reminds me of that night in the office..." Holly mused as she began to slowly rotate her hips, pressing down against his crotch and grinding against him. As she anticipated, it provoked a reaction from him. "Mmmm, I'm glad you can still get it up after the beating I've given you...tell me the cipher Alan," Holly drilled the question home as she continued to grind her hips against him. She could see he was fighting the conflicting sensations running through his body, so she decided to add to the conflict. Acting swiftly, she positioned her left hand on the back of his head and her right across his nose and mouth, sealing them shut. It took less than thirty seconds for her smothering to start to have an effect. Whatever resistance there was from Alan was fleeting and useless.

    "Come on Alan, tell me the cipher and I'll let you breathe," Holly cooed sweetly, looking into his widening eyes. "Come on Alan...give it to know you want to..." she moaned, using the sensations from her gyrations to put added emphasis on her words whilst still maintaining her vice like grip across his nose and mouth. "Please Alan...please..." Holly pulled her hand away for a moment, allowing him a quick breath before clamping it back on. The look of lust and wickedness in her eyes was clear for Alan to see. "I can do this forever..." She moaned as she rotated her hips quicker. "And the more I turn you on...the less oxygen you have to sustain you..." She could feel his crotch tightening as his body betrayed him. "I know you want it too..." Holly could see his eyes rolling into the back of his head. She pulled her hand free as she stopped grinding. Alan gulped down a huge intake of air before she slammed her hand across his face again.

    Now she began to bear down on him with her hips, rotating them quicker than before, driving his body wild at the same time as his eyes screamed out in fear as she held his gaze as she smothered him. He was shaking and twitching uncontrollably now; at the same time, Holly felt the sensation of the material of her costume rubbing against her skin. She had to admit to herself that she was getting more aroused than normal - she always prided herself on retaining her composure and control in situations like these, even when her natural urges threatened to overwhelm her. "Come on Alan...give it to me..." She cooed again and again, trying to channel her excitement into her voice without allowing herself feel the pleasure she knew was building inside her. She released her grip from his mouth, almost immediately clamping it around his throat so whatever respite he experienced was minimal. A cry from Alan's mouth was cut off into a strangled mewl by her action. Holly held it like that for another thirty seconds before releasing it and stepping away from him. She walked away, giving herself a moment to regain her composure.

    She stood in front of him, placing her hands on her hips and took in the sight before her. He was slumped in the chair, barely able to hold himself up any longer. Holly tapped her foot on the floor, contemplating what she should do next. She ran her hand through her deep brown hair, casually moving it around before she allowed herself a slight smile. In a flash she moved towards him, firing out her foot and striking him squarely in the chest. The force of the blow propelled Alan and the chair backwards, resulting in him crashing into the ground. Before he knew what was happening, Holly's foot was pressed against his throat. "You know, I only need a little more pressure to crush your windpipe Alan," She said as she pushed the outer edge tight against his neck. "I'm starting to lose my patience Alan..." His hands tried to push her foot away from his neck, but they both knew it was a futile act of resistance. Holly held it there, looking down at him with a smile on her face. She pressed down just a little more before she pulled her foot away.

    Alan rolled away from the chair, struggling to get to his knees. He could feel that his breathing was restricted and his vision blurred - partly he wondered if he had a concussion but then he would have no idea what one of those would actually feel like. A few halting, disjointed attempts at a crawl resulted in the sensation of two muscular thighs being wrapped around his neck from above and behind. The material in the leggings rubbed against his skin as he could feel the blood rushing through his ears. "I'm not the world's biggest fan of the standing scissors myself," Holly spoke matter-of-factly again. "You just don't get enough pressure through the thighs doing it this way. Although it's probably easier to break someone's neck from this position," she giggled. "You know it's just a matter of time Alan - just tell me what I need to know and this can all be over." She cranked the pressure up between her legs once more, hearing his whimpered moans for as much as he could muster now. She held the pose for another minute, then released, letting him fall to the floor. She stepped back, watching him as he convulsed, then kicked him hard enough to roll him back onto his back.

    He looked up at her, seeing her standing over him. For a minute, his mind flashed back to their wedding day as he struggled to reconcile the woman he thought he knew to the one she clearly was. A wave of coughing racked his chest and made his throat burn.


    "I'm sorry, what was that?" Holly asked, not making out the words he was muttering.

    "...substitution cipher..." his hoarse, broken whisper drifted out to her ears. "...Canteris..."

    "The Canteris cipher?" Holly asked. "Is that what you're telling me?" There was a weak nod on his part, probably about as much as his body could cope with at this point. Holly straightened her back up and then retreated to the far side of the room, disappearing into the shadows once more. Alan thought he could hear an exchange of voices, but he couldn't be sure. He managed to catch sight of Holly walking back towards him now. "See, that wasn't so hard now was it? I'm pleased to inform you that your information was correct. My employers are incredibly happy with that." She dropped down onto his chest - he was vaguely aware of something in her left hand.

    "...They...*koff*...They will send...*koff koff* someone...after..." Alan's words were weak, causing Holly to laugh.

    "Oh, my dear Alan, I'm sure they will," She laughed. "You've seen how I treated you and I barely broke a sweat - should anyone come after me, I can assure you they will meet the same fate as you're about to." She moved her left hand into his view - in it she held a small gas-powered syringe. "Now, I won't lie to you - this will hurt. Not for long I'm told - it's a neurotoxin that's fatal in about thirty seconds," she jammed the needle into his neck. "You're not worth the effort of breaking your neck or choking you to death, you're beneath me. You always have been." Her stinging words rolled around his ears as he felt the substance leak into his body. He began to shake uncontrollably now, neurons firing wildly and erratically in his brain.

    Holly held him tightly between her thighs as he bucked and writhed. She now allowed herself to feel the sensations that had been growing inside her. Waves of pleasure began to wash over her. She bit her bottom lip, trying to restrain herself from audibly expressing her feelings but allowing the physical sensation to nearly overpower her. Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes tightly as she rode the sensations to their inevitable climax.

    When she regained her composure, she could see Alan's lifeless eyes staring out into eternity. Climbing up off him, she pulled the wedding ring from her finger and dropped it onto his chest. She turned and left the room without a second glance back at his body.

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