High Definition

  • Was just wondering if we are ever going to HD? I need to see agent Silver as clearly as possible.

  • Thanks Kandyman. I'll send it to you.

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    We're all friends here! nobody judges :)

  • I have that weird "bionic" fetish which kind of makes it embarrassing to show you what I did with the trailer, even though we all communicate on the internet and will never meet each other. I feel like when you see what I do you'd be like "this freak is ruining my work!", LOL!

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    Good question and i have absolutely no idea - i will pass it on to my techno geek cameraman and see. Just out of interest, i'd be curious to see your Silver trailer if you want to email it over?


  • Cool. Thanks.

    Filming question for you - What speed to you record the movies in or how many frames per second?
    I've always been interested in film and I am teaching myself video editing at this time. I made a Silver trailer (which I don't post anywhere on the wide web or give to anyone) with highlights of her kicking ass, and I play with motion but the movies we download have a low framerate for editing. Anyway was just curious. Thanks Kandyman.

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    Well, we have experimented with HD but when our current camera equipment expires we'll def upgrade.

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