NEW KIX RELEASE! Revenge of the Kickass out now!

  • Hello @kandyman

    I ve noticed that there is no new clip with Kix since last September... That's a lot of time without Kix 😅. When we will see her again?

  • Have it downloading right now! Kix is a treasure and must be seen always!!

  • When will they explode or have they already exploded?@kandyman

  • administrators

    She sent letter bombs, she was busy. @Jacques

  • This is an awesome methodical beat down. Will there be two more sequels in which Kix demolishes the other two villains@kandyman

  • administrators

    KIX is legendary, she's effortlessly kickass and is the genuine real deal! REVENGE OF THE KICKASS is epic!

  • @kandyman Sigh… Kix s the only one I wish I could order a custom video with. She’s my first Kandy Girl love

  • @tapoutos raises an important question about not seeing the dangerously delectable Kix since September last year. I too had noticed this important fact.

    My solution……..commission a new film starring the Queen of Kandy herself. It’s only just been shot and not even I have seen it yet. At some time at the Kandyman’s leisure he’ll release it to the wider Kandy audience.


  • @kandyman I cannot remember any clip with Kix that was not great! Looking forward to see the trailer!

  • administrators

    Weirdly i'd already scheduled a Kix release for this weekend and it's a great one!

  • its weird but i was asking the same, i love the classic trio of Kix Vix and Diva since a while... and you just came with that question hehe

    great to read that.

  • We can expect good news this week ?

  • administrators

    Funnily enough.... watch this space!

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